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Evans Est-eem Cleaner Sanitiser

-strong antibacterial cleaning product recommended for the food industry

-for food contact surfaces, equipment, floors, walls & cooking equipment

-contains no perfume so it is ideal for kitchen cleaning & disinfecting jobs

-PH neutral, 100% food safe and effective against a wide range of bacteria

-suitable for heavy duty commercial and industrial use, a ready to use formula


Evans Est-eem Cleaner Sanitiser – Where to use

This cleaning product was designed for the food industry. Its antibacterial qualities and no added perfume have made Est-eem Cleaner Sanitiser a very good option for daily kitchen cleaning. Use on any washable surface and scrub with a green pad. Dry with a dry cloth or a rag. Very efficient in sanitising areas at high risk of infection. Est-eem Cleaner Sanitiser is a neutral cleaning product so it is safe to use on stainless steel, copper, chrome, plastic, painted surfaces, etc.


Evans Est-eem Cleaner Sanitiser – How to use

This product is a universal cleaning product so it can be used with all known cleaning methods. Spray & wipe is the most common way of using this cleaning product but it can be used for mopping kitchens & bathroom floors, in conjunction with a floor cleaning machine or with a pressure pump for pre spray. You can pre spray the whole area that you plan to clean approx. 5 minutes before you plan to start. This period of time will allow Est-eem Cleaner Sanitiser to do its magic, kill bad bacteria and refresh.


Evans Est-eem Cleaner Sanitiser – Dilution

Est-eem Cleaner Sanitiser is a very concentrated general cleaner and sanitiser and it requires dilution. Spray & wipe dilution ratio should be 1 to 10. Mopping dilution should be 1 to 50 and if you plan to use it in conjunction with a floor cleaning machine you can dilute it up to 1 to 100. Est-eem Cleaner Sanitiser needs to be diluted to reach its best performing ability. Mix it with hot water for even better results.


Evans Est-eem Cleaner Sanitiser – Safety

This cleaning product is one of the safest cleaning products around. Wear gloves to avoid prolonged contact with your skin and store safely away from kids and pets.


Evans Est-eem Cleaner Sanitiser – Recommendation

A brilliant cleaner and sanitiser that is highly recommended and very affordable. Hugely popular within the food industry and most of the local cleaning companies use it regularly. Efficient, anti- bacterial with no added perfume.


Evans Est-eem Cleaner Sanitiser – high quality anti bacterial cleaning product with no perfume!

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