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Ettore Angle Adapter Carded

  • Compatible with all Ettore Reach aluminium extension poles

  • Adds versatility to a standard extension aluminium pole/handle

  • Suitable for heavy duty commercial & domestic window cleaning

  • Manufactured from heavy duty shock resistant plastic materials

  • It helps reach all hard to reach areas & windows in a sharp angle

  • For use with all threaded tools like t-bars, scrapers, dusters, rollers

  • Very reasonably priced, easy to install & use, cost effective, durable

Ettore Angle Adapter Carded - Where to use

Most extension poles, including the Ettore Reach Aluminium Extension Poles, are fitted with top ends that are mostly suitable for vertical surfaces. Some windows are not perfectly flat and using a flat squeegee or a t-bar & sleeve would not produce any noticeable results. For this kind of cleaning project, you will need to use an angle adapter. The new Ettore Angle Adapter Carded is the ideal tool for all hard to reach side windows and generally any type of surface positioned at an angle. It can be used for wall dusting, window cleaning, wall scraping and gutter cleaning.

Ettore Angle Adapter Carded - How to use

Like all Ettore window cleaning products, the new Ettore Angle Adapter Carded is designed for easy use with a quick install system. The angle adapter will fit all Ettore Reach Aluminium Poles. It will just click-lock in a matter of seconds and then it can be used for all types of cleaning projects. After the job is completed, just press the two unlocking pins at the bottom of the adapter. 

Ettore Angle Adapter Carded - Why use

The use of extension poles and angle adapters has reduced the risks and the costs within the window cleaning industry. No need to use ladders, scaffolds or any other types of lifting platforms. Jobs that used to cost a lot of money and that used to take a lot of time, can be done cheaper and faster. Use Ettore Window Cleaning Equipment to work faster, better and cheaper.

Ettore Angle Adapter Carded

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