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Ettore Backflip Stainless | 4 Tools In One

€41.02 Ex Tax: €33.35
Ettore Backflip / Stainless Steel

  • 4 tools in one window cleaning system from Ettore

  • Compatible with all Reach aluminium extension poles

  • Suitable for commercial and domestic window cleaning

  • Manufactured from heavy duty stainless steel materials

  • Ettore Backflip is available in 25 cm, 35 cm and 45 cm

  • Use one side to wash the window & the other to dry it

  • The squeegee is about 2 inches longer than the washer

Ettore Backflip / Stainless Steel - Where to use

The new Ettore Backflip / Stainless Steel is the only tool you need to deep clean and maintain your windows. It can be used for professional window cleaning but it can also be used for domestic window cleaning. The sleeve, the rubber & the t-bar can be exchanged with ease. The system works well with all Ettore Aluminium Reach Poles. It can be used for cleaning windows, glass, mirrors, etc. A very easy to use all-in-one window cleaning system

Ettore Backflip / Stainless Steel - How to use

The system is light, ergonomic and very easy to use. One side is for washing the glass while the other side is suitable for drying the glass. Bear in mind that the squeegee is about 2 inches longer than the washer. Wet the glass with the microfiber sleeve, scrub well & then use the squeegee to remove all the waste. Nice and easy, no other tools required. Innovative, cost effective and manufactured from rust proof materials. Another quality window cleaning system from Ettore

Ettore Backflip / Stainless Steel - Why use it

There are so many reasons why you should use this system. One tool for all your window cleaning requirements. All parts are removable and replaceable. This product should not be missing from any window cleaning van. It allows you to work fast without swapping tools. Used with a pole, it can wash second floor windows as well

Ettore Backflip / Stainless Steel

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