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Ettore Blades Pro+ 6"


-professional stainless steel blades to fit Ettore Pro + Scraper

-made from special rust free stainless steel components

-recommended for professional commercial window cleaning

-very long lasting, very sharp, very affordable & cost effective

-next day delivery guaranteed anywhere in Ireland

-available in boxes of 10 blades or boxes of 25 blades

Ettore Blades Pro+ 6" Review

Hard and caked on debris on windows is frustrating. Common tools like those razors in your homes, box cutters, and flat screwdrivers are simply not up to the task. After all, that’s not what they were designed for. Toothpicks are simply annoying and ineffective, and metal putty knives pose a high risk to the window. For ladies, using your manicured nails to try pry off the particles is a definite no-no. The sponges and cleaning pads that remove the dust and grime layers will also leave behind the stubborn residue. You want quality tools that have been specifically designed for handling these scenarios. That’s what you get with the Ettore Blades Pro+ 6".

Benefits Of The Ettore Blades Pro+ 6"

1. Superior scraping action

When you’re turning to a scraper, you already have gunk on the window that is tough to remove. The Ettore Blades Pro+ 6" are designed to make the process a breeze. Their sharp blades and tough build make them quality tools for removing everything from caked on deposits, paint, all through to construction debris that is on the window. Cement splashes and paint spills that ended up on the glass during the building and renovation projects, stickers and foils on display windows at retail stores, labels that had been stuck onto the window using adhesive tape which refuses to come off- the Ettore Blades Pro+ 6" will get rid of them, enabling you to carry on with the rest of the cleaning with ease.

2. Wide blade

The Ettore Blades Pro+ 6" come with a wide area coverage. This makes it efficient when dealing with large sections of the glass, whether it’s for general cleaning, or you're dealing with an intensive job after construction works which had recently been completed left particles stuck onto the window.

3. Easy to use

It's designed to be used with the Ettore Pro+ 6" 15cm Scraper. Simply attach it and you’re good to go. Remember to wet the surface you’re scraping. This serves to lubricate it, and also makes the paint, stickers and other residue particles to stick together as you scrape, rather than flaking off in small pieces The scraper itself comes with a rubberised grip handle, that makes it ergonomic even when wet, and it also has a lightweight plastic body. Thus, you can comfortably use the Ettore Blades Pro+ 6" to scrape large areas. In addition, the entire structure, with the scraper, can fit the Pro+ safety tip for use safe high-reach pole work. You don’t have to fret about the blades lying haphazardly in your home or business premises. The Ettore Blades Pro+ 6" come in a strong plastic storage box, to keep them safe from the elements when not in use, and also keep your kids and pets from accessing them.

4. Affordable

You don’t want a runway cleaning and maintenance budget for your establishment. The affordable pricing of the Ettore Blades Pro+ 6" enables you to keep things under control. In addition, their durable structure gives you extended usage out of every blade, further cutting down on costs. What’s more, each package comes with 10 of the Ettore Blades Pro+ 6", enabling you to have a supply that suits your establishment’s needs.

Ettore Blades Pro+ 6"

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