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Ettore Bucket Round 15L

  • Heavy duty plastic bucket suitable for window cleaning

  • Manufactured from top quality shock resistant plastic

  • Light, stainless steel handle, 15L, yellow, very affordable

  • UV safe, it will not be affected by harsh chemicals, large

  • It can be used for storing window cleaning equipment

  • Also suitable for diluting concentrated window cleaners

  • Highly recommended for commercial window cleaning

Ettore Bucket Round 15L - Where to use

A heavy duty window cleaning bucket mainly used for window cleaning projects, chemical dilution and storing wet washers and squeegees. The bucket is very large, very light and it can fit up to 15L of liquids. It can be used with all types of window cleaning solutions, high and low PH general cleaning products, for mopping, etc. The bucket is fitted with a stainless steel handle. Ettore Bucket Round 15L is the ideal tool for heavy duty commercial window cleaning or domestic window cleaning. A proper quality window cleaning bucket.

Ettore Bucket Round 15L - How to use it

Ettore Bucket Round 15L is very tough and it will not soften up when hot water is used in it. The bucket can be attached to ladders, scaffolds or any type of platform. It was designed by Ettore for moving window cleaning tools around. You can store sharp glass scrapers, blades, wet sleeves and squeegees. No need to do a number of trips to bring in all your equipment. Also, the bucket is very visible (yellow) and it is clearly marked with the Ettore logo. 

Why bother wasting time with cheap, poor quality window cleaning buckets when Ettore manufactures some of the most durable and light universal window cleaning buckets? Are you aware that all Ettore Window Cleaning Products & Equipment are very reasonably priced and designed for heavy duty commercial window cleaning services?

Ettore Bucket Round 15L

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