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Ettore Champion Scraper Blades 13 Cm

  • Dual edge heavy duty stainless steel blades from Ettore

  • Compatible with the new Ettore Champion Glass Scraper

  • Suitable for scrapping glass, mirrors, floors, panels, etc

  • Sold in packs of 10 blades, clearly marked with Ettore logo

  • Highly recommended for commercial window cleaning

  • Flexible and very durable, chemical resistant, affordable

  • The ideal blade for removing fine paints, glue, residue, etc

Ettore Champion Scraper Blades 13 Cm - Where to use

The Ettore Champion Scraper Blades 13 Cm are compatible only with Ettore Champion Glass Scraper. It can be used on most glossy surfaces to remove paints, glue, mortar, adhesive & generally all types of hard to remove residue. The blades are very sharp and can remove even the finest residue from glass. When one side is not scrapping well any longer, you can just use the other side. Highly recommended for professional window cleaning projects. The blades are manufactured from heavy duty stainless steel components, are rust-proof, chemical resistant and very durable. 

Ettore Champion Scraper Blades 13 Cm - How to use

General dirt like dust, grease, grime, etc, can be easily removed with a proper window cleaning detergent and a decent washer. But impregnated and water resistant dirt like glue residues, paint residue, mortar residue etc. cannot be removed as easily. For this kind of job you will need a fine quality blade to ensure full removal of the residue without scratching the surface. The new Ettore Champion Scraper Blades 13 Cm is the perfect tool. 

Wet the surface and then very lightly start scraping the residue keeping the scraper at an angle. Take your time. Scrape small amounts of residue at once and remove the waste. Always work on wet surfaces. When you notice that the blade is no longer scrapping well, turn it to the other side and start again.

Try the new range of Ettore scrapers and Ettore Blades. Premium quality window cleaning equipment for very reasonable prices. Order online today for fast delivery all over Ireland.

Ettore Champion Scraper Blades 13 Cm

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