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Ettore Contour Pro + Handle

  • The most innovative and high performance handle from Ettore range

  • The Ettore Contour Pro + Handle has changed the window cleaning industry

  • The handle combines four time saving features, high profitability & less work

  • This amazing handle is compatible with all Ettore channels (other brands too)

  • Re-engineered with a high strength polymer material, shock resistant plastic

  • Head angles from 0-50 degrees automatically and swivels 180 degrees

  • The only handle you will need for all types of window cleaning jobs/projects

Ettore Contour Pro + Handle - Where to use

The Ettore Contour Pro + Handle is the most innovative channel handle from the Ettore brand. This product was designed for easy use, profit and amazing productivity without a lot of effort. It will reach all hard to reach corners due to its swivel head that rotates to 180 degrees. Compatible with all Ettore reach aluminium poles. The best channel rubber that money can buy.

Ettore Contour Pro + Handle - How to use

All professional window cleaning contractors will know that time is money and good tools bring in more profit. The Ettore Contour Pro + Handle is the only handle that you will ever need. No need to swap handles around to reach all narrow corners. This handle is highly recommended for heavy duty commercial use and general professional window cleaning. The Ettore Contour Pro + Handle is not cheap, but it is worth every penny. Light, ergonomic, durable and beautifully designed. 

Ettore Contour Pro + Handle - Durable

Investing in proper window cleaning products and proper window cleaning equipment will pay off over time. Good quality channel rubbers last longer, are lighter and capable of doing a number of chores.

Try our new range of window cleaning products from Ettore. To be the best at what you do, you need to use the best tools and equipment

Ettore Contour Pro + Handle

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