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Ettore FLO Brush

€12.05 Ex Tax: €9.80

Ettore FLO Brush

  • A light universal car cleaning brush that connects to Ettore Extend-A-FLO Handle

  • Suitable for medium duty car cleaning projects and general domestic cleaning jobs

  • Manufactured from shock resistant plastic and quality soft bristles, built in flow system

  • This is the original brush that is sold with Extend-A-Flo system, wash & rinse in one go

  • Safe to use on all painted surfaces, coated alloys, glass, mirrors, stainless steel, etc

  • Superb chemical resistance, UV safe, it will fit in all narrow and all hard to reach areas

  • The ideal brush for domestic car cleaning projects and light commercial car cleaning

Ettore FLO Brush - Where to use

This is the original brush that was designed for the amazing Extend-A-Flo system. It is light, durable and suitable for cleaning narrow and hard to reach areas. The brush is manufactured from very soft bristles that makes it safe to use on painted and waxed surfaces, glass, mirrors, stainless steel, coated alloy wheels, tyres & other surfaces. It was designed for domestic & light commercial use. It will fit the Extend-A-Flo handle & water will flow through it. It can be used for scrubbing or rinsing off.

Ettore FLO Brush - How to use

The brush is sold without a handle. This brush is a replacement head for the Extend-A-FLO system. It will screw in fast and it will be ready for work in seconds. Just stick the brush in the cleaning solution while the switch off valve is in the “off” position, scrub the whole surface well, then turn “on” the switch off valve and rinse off the detergent and foam. Very easy to use and very efficient. No need to change the brush when cleaning alloys or tyres. 

You need to try this product to fully appreciate it. All Ettore car care products are manufactured from heavy duty components, chemical resistant, rust-proof and UV light safe. All Ettore tools use innovative technology and the lightest components possible. Place your order online now and receive your goods within 24 hours!

Ettore FLO Brush

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