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Ettore Golden Glove Sleeve

€8.76 Ex Tax: €7.12

Ettore Golden Glove Sleeve

-microfiber window cleaning sleeve from Ettore

-compatible with all plastic or aluminium t-bars

-it can be machine washed, very absorbent, cheap

-the sleeve is available in 25 cm, 35 cm, 45 cm & 55 cm

-suitable for domestic and heavy duty commercial

Ettore Golden Glove Window Washer Sleeve

Window cleaning is essentially a two-part process: washing and drying. The window washer comes in at the first stage, applying the cleaning solution to the window, and scrubbing away the grime. The squeegee is used for the drying, clearing the moisture from the glass panes. Each part of the task is equally important. Here, we will focus on the washing stage, and what the Ettore Golden Glove Washer Sleeve brings to the table. 

Maximum scrubbing power

With your goal being to dislodge the gunk that is stuck to your windows, you want to work with a tool that has been designed to expedite the process, and reduce the strain on you. That is right up the alley of the Ettore Golden Glove Window Washer Sleeve. Its superior scrubbing action is attributed to the material itself, where the extremely fine microfibres easily lift off the soiling that is on the windows. What’s more, the material retains at least 20% more cleaning solution compared to the competing models, thus reducing the number of times that you have to keep dipping the sleeve in the bucket. With more solution held in the fibres, and dirt particles getting trapped in the material the moment they are dislodged from the windows, it speeds up the cleaning processes. When you do come across stubborn soiling, the design of the Ettore Golden Glove Window Washer Sleeve has also got you covered. Here, the scrubber end is used, that way you can ensure that the glass panes being worked on will be ready for the squeegeeing process that is to follow, leaving your windows sparkling clean. 

To use the Ettore Golden Glove Window Washer Sleeve, fix it onto the preferred T-bar, and you’re good to go. Ensure that you attach it to a T-bar that is of a compatible size. This sleeve can be used with units like the ProGrip™ T-Bar whose rubberized grip has been developed to increase your comfort during usage, or the lightweight Pro+ T-Bar, where the light aluminium and polymer build reduces the amount of energy that is expected as you work on the windows. You can even use with the “Taper T” T-Bar which features high-impact plastic, translating into prolonged usage for those frequent window cleaning tasks.

These T-bars can, in turn, be used with extension poles. That way, you get to deliver the cleaning action of the Ettore Golden Glove Washer Sleeve onto the high-rise windows of the building. The T-bars from the brand can be used with the wide range of Ettore extension poles, coming with varying lengths to which they can reach. This is a far much safer approach than the traditional method of using ladders, which was fraught with risks of fall accidents. It also allows you to move from one window onto the next one much more quickly, cutting down the amount of time spent handling the cleaning needs of each premises. This is particularly beneficial to professional window cleaners who have lots of surface area to cover on a daily basis, as you don’t want to be held up at one installation for longer than is necessary. Combined with the cleaning power of the Ettore Golden Glove Washer Sleeve, your operational efficiency is enhanced, enabling you to serve more clients within a shorter duration, without compromising on the quality of the results. 

Here are some extra tips when working on the windows:

  • Pick the time of day to do the cleaning. For instance, when the sun is high up in the sky, scorching heat hitting the glass, it will speed up the drying process. While it is still possible to wash your windows at this time, it may put you under more strain. The increased drying speed causes streaks to form on the surface, since you will not have had sufficient time to use a squeegee on it. If you still have to work on the windows when it is hot, you can divide them into smaller sections, that will be easier to manage. That way, you can carry out the washing and the squeegeeing fast enough before the sun’s heat gets to dry up the detergent on the glass. Usually, it is recommended that you wait for the cooler periods of the day. 

  • For the cleaning solution, ensure that you’re working with formulations that are safe to use on windows. This is to avoid cases of etching the glass, or the surrounding metal frames getting corroded. The safety of the cleaner is also key, given that you don’t want to be exposed to toxic fumes when carrying out the task. 

  • Observe the window from different positions. After cleaning the windows, take a moment to step back and look at it from a couple of angles, to ensure that there aren’t any drips or residue that has been left behind. 

Long-lasting washer sleeve

Times are hard, and there are increased strains on operating budgets. Whether it is for your cleaning supplies at home, or you run a residential and commercial window cleaning company, and you want to save on costs being spent. Here, focus shifts to working with quality tools that are highly durable, that way less money goes into making replacements and repairs. You can get that with the Ettore Golden Glove Window Washer Sleeve. From the material itself, that can withstand 500 washing cycles, to the double seams on the sleeve that enhances its durability, the Ettore Golden Glove Window Washer Sleeve gets to serve you for longer, bringing you more savings. 

When it comes to the actual purchase, the Ettore Golden Glove Window Washer Sleeve comes in packs of 6 per case. This is for the different model sizes. That way, you can acquire sufficient supplies to meet your window cleaning needs- all without putting strain on your budget, as the units have been affordably priced. Coupled with the quality of the product, and its effectiveness in the cleaning process, you can rest assured that you’re getting a value return of your money's worth.

Ettore Golden Glove Window Washer Sleeve

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