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Ettore Master Rubber

€3.21 Ex Tax: €2.61

Ettore Master Rubber

-professional quality master rubber from Ettore

-compatible with all brass/stainless steel channels

-durable, flexible, cost effective, affordable, tough

-will clean glass to a streak free finish quickly and easily

-highly popular with professional window cleaners

-available in 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 75 & 90 Cm

-to achieve streak free results you need to try Ettore

Ettore Master Rubber - Where to use

Ettore Master Rubber is compatible with all window cleaning channels from all brands. The “professional” Ettore range is usually used for heavy duty commercial window cleaning projects and general professional window cleaning. This product will outlast any other type of rubber from any other brand. Ettore is cheaper, Ettore is better and Ettore is made to generate profit. While using Ettore rubbers, you will work less and you will achieve better results faster.

Ettore Master Rubber - How to use

Just use Ettore Squeegee Off and one of the Ettore sleeves to clean the glass and soften up the dirt. Then use the Ettore Master Rubber to remove the waste. You will notice instantly that the glass is left spotless in one single move without having to move back and forward to remove the streaks. The Ettore Master Rubber attaches well to glass and no water escapes under it. If you have not used Ettore tools up to now, you need to give it a go. 

Ettore Master Rubber - Cost effective

Ettore is cheaper than most well established brands of rubbers. Even so, Ettore is much better. The Ettore Master Rubber lasts longer than any other rubber, it provides better results and it reduces your workload. It makes so much financial sense. We have a rubber for any size channel. 

Time for you to start using Ettore window cleaning products. Check out our website right now and order your products online. 

Ettore Master Rubber

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