Ettore Pocket Scraper 4 Cm

Product Description

Ettore Pocket Scraper 4 Cm

-professional retractable pocket scraper with blade

-made from high quality rust free stainless steel 

-suitable for window cleaning & the cleaning industry

-the blades are made from very tough steel alloy

-this safety scraper will fit perfect in your pocket

-suitable for light and heavy duty scrubbing jobs


Ettore Pocket Scraper 

What do you do with hard, caked on debris on your window? You can't just go for common tools in your home like house hold razor blades, box cutters, flat screwdrivers or even scratchy pads. For the ladies, you definitely can't use your perfectly manicured nails to scrape off substances from surfaces. Plus tooth picks are too small, and metal putty knives are too dangerous. Sponges and cleaning pads are also not effective on some kinds of residue. Turn to the safety scraper.


Windows are exposed to all kinds of substances that can stick and pose a problem to get off. Building contractors know all too well how cement splashes grab onto the surface and make it unsightly. You may also want to remove stickers or foils from your display windows at your retail store or even on your car windows. Using the wrong tool brings the risk of you scratching your glass. You'll end up damaging it and incur huge costs in replacement or repair. Some things like adhesive tape, stickers and labels can't be simply pulled out without affecting the surface they’ve adhered to. For instance, with adhesive tapes, like clear packaging tape, it is usually difficult to lift up the end of the tape from the roll of tape that’s below it, which often results in shreds of tape. What of the paint that has spilled and dried on your windows or tile surfaces? You need a tool that has been designed specifically for such scenarios. That's where the safety scraper comes in.  


Where Can You Use The Ettore Pocket Scraper ?

Anywhere with stubborn residue that's stuck on the surfaces. It works on anything from dried food, candle wax, adhesive stickers, paint, grease and grime. It gets them off without damaging the surface. You may even want to remove labels that have your personal information from glass or plastic prescription bottles before recycling. The Ettore Pocket Scraper  is recommended for use on household and automotive windows and even hard surfaces. It's also effective on countertops in your kitchen and bathroom, enamel stove tops, bathtubs, polycarbonate windows and headlights, and even wall tiles and grout. It also works on flooring such as vinyl, laminate, and also ceramic floors. You may be a business owner who paints the windows of your establishment to keep up with each holiday and event. Replacing the graphics on the windows over a dozen times every year can be hectic. The safety scraper will enable your staff to complete the work fast without needing you to do a messy clean up job. In addition, its compact design enables it to reach into tight spaces, corners and crevices. 


Features Of A Pocket Scraper


Here is what you get from this nifty tool:

· Retractable design

· Sharp, durable blades

· Ergonomic

· Compact design for easy storage


How To Use The Ettore Pocket Scraper 


1. Prepare the surface by wetting it. For instance, if it’s a window, you can start by applying soapy water to it. 


2. To ensure that you've placed the blade in the Ettore Pocket Scraper  correctly, check that that it's not leaving scratches. You can do a spot test on a small section at the corner of the window or the hard surface.


3. Always wet the surface before scraping. First, it makes the process easier, and further reduces the risk of scratches. Secondly, it causes the paint cement, stickers etc. to stick together as you scrape instead of flaking off in small pieces.


4. Scrape the targeted surface. Use forward scraping motions (like the way farmers plough in fields). For instance, when working on a window, scrape forward, lift the blade off the glass, pull it back and scrape forward again. Do not scrape backwards. This can cause you to trap debris under the blade, which may scratch the glass.


5. When using the Ettore Pocket Scraper , start with the edges. You can work from about 15 cm inside the widow and work towards the edge. Work around the window until you get a clear distinct border pattern. 


6. After you're done with the edges, scrape the rest of the surface with a top-bottom approach. Work in straight patterns, about 15cm wide, overlapping each time. 


7. If the window dries as you scrape, simply wet it again and continue. 


8. Clean up the work area after you’re done scraping. For example, you can use a squeegee for the window to eliminate the remaining flakes from the glass. 


When you finish working on the surface, ensure that there is no sediment, cement or stickers left on the blade of the safety scraper. 


Tips For Using The Ettore Pocket Scraper 

· Always scrape-test any new window you intend to work on. Scrape in a forward motion 3-4 times in the same spot. If after the fourth scrape it feels and sounds smooth, then you can proceed to use it on the rest of the window. If it feels like you're sliding on sandpaper and the feeling remains even after the fourth scrape, then don't scrape the rest of the surface. The glass may be flawed, contain raised imperfections, or simply not compatible with pocket scrapers. A course, gritty sound as you scrap may be indicative of a dull or broken blade. 


· Work in "pattern paths"- like 15 cm wide. It's advised not to scrape continuously from one end of the window to another. This is because a sharp piece of debris can get trapped under the blade and leave a scratch line on the surface. The same applies when scraping hard surfaces like tiled walls and countertops. 


· Angle the safety scraper as you work. 30° - 45° are enough. Do not be tempted to use the blade at 90° to try to "chip" off the residue. This will wear out your blade. Using the safety scraper in an angled approach slices the residue off and reduces flaking. 


· Inspect the blade regularly. Ensure that there's no rust. Also check its corners to ascertain that there are no bends, or it has got chipped off. The safety scraper works effectively when the blade is in optimal condition. If the blade has worn off (as may happen after repeated heavy duty use), replace it. 


· Place a tarp or cloth under the surface you're working on- like along the window. This will reduce your workload when it comes to cleaning the region. It can catch 80% - 90% of the flakes thus making the window streak free.


Ettore Pocket Scraper - Professional results for less!

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