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Ettore Porcupine Sleeve

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Ettore Porcupine Sleeve

  • An innovative window cleaning system that helps remove dirt from glass quickly & easily

  • Suitable for domestic window cleaning and commercial window cleaning projects

  • Compatible with all Ettore professional T-bars but also with T-bars from other brands

  • Machine washable, double seams allow for longer life, 35 cm, 45 cm and 55 cm

  • Unequalled durability, affordable, designed for heavy duty use and highly absorbent

  • It's fine microfiber bristle will ensure an even distribution of liquid on windows/glass

Ettore Porcupine Sleeve - Where to use

Time is money and the faster you manage to complete a window cleaning project, the more profits for you or your company. The new Ettore Porcupine Sleeve is a professional window cleaning sleeve designed for heavy duty commercial use. The sleeve is highly absorbent, light and it helps agitate dirt before squeegeeing. It can be used for commercial and domestic window cleaning projects, mirror cleaning, panel cleaning, etc. It is machine washable and is known to last for years even with daily use.

Ettore Porcupine Sleeve - How to use

The amazing Ettore Porcupine Sleeve is compatible with all standard t-bars. Just stick the t-bar in, close the buttons and wet it with the window cleaning solution. Scrub the glass well to evenly distribute the window cleaning liquid all over the surface. The sleeve will reach all corners and will break all types of fine dust, grease, grime and other types of window dirt with ease. The window cleaning sleeve is available in 3 different sizes for all types of window cleaning projects

Try the new Ettore Porcupine Sleeve today. A proper tool for heavy duty window cleaners. It will reduce your costs and it will increase your productivity. Try the Ettore Window Cleaning Tools & Equipment today.

Ettore Porcupine Sleeve

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