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Ettore PRO+ Pure Water Window Cleaning System

€1,669.11 Ex Tax: €1,357.00

Ettore PRO+ Pure Water Window Cleaning System

  • Innovative and revolutionary water purification system from Ettore

  • It filters minerals and salts from standard tap water to make it pure

  • No need for water tanks, large vans or tonnes of extra equipment

  • It connects to any standard garden hose & it filters water instantly

  • Reusable and sustainable resin filter, light and easy to carry & store

  • It can work with two poles at once, stainless steel pressure hosing

  • 3.3 gallon de-mineralization capacity, high pressure & superior filtration

  • Reduces business costs and increases productivity and profitability

  • Highly recommended for heavy duty commercial window cleaning 

  • The resin bag can be regenerated over and over again (low cost)

Ettore PRO+ Pure Water Window Cleaning System - Where to use

Cleaning windows has changed for good with the invention of the pure water system. Up to a few years ago you had to work from ladders, you had to use a number of chemicals, squeegees and blades. All that is history now. The new Ettore PRO+ Pure Water Window Cleaning System is the worlds most innovative and most efficient pure water system. It filters standard tap water to pure water. Pure water is water without salts or minerals. Those minerals and salts leave streaks and marks on the glass. Without the minerals and salts the water will just wash the glass nicely, it will push dust and residue down and it will dry 100% spot & streak free. 

Pure water can be used for commercial and domestic window cleaning projects. You can use a long pole for high commercial windows and a smaller pole for domestic window cleaning projects. Pure water can be used on glass, mirrors, glossy panels, glass furniture, etc.

Ettore PRO+ Pure Water Window Cleaning System - How to use

The Ettore PRO+ Pure Water Window Cleaning System contains all you need to start filtering water. Just connect your standard garden hose to the system and you are ready to go. The water filtration system can be used by two operatives at once. Inside the tank there is a bag containing resins that help to filter the water. The resins will last for very long periods of time but dispensing on usage, from time to time the bag will require replacement. If the water is not as pure as it used to be, you need to change the resin bag. 

No more need to carry ladders, squeegees, sleeves and scrapers. No more need to hire scaffolds and to apply for permits to stop the traffic. You can use poles from 15 feet up to 80 feet height. Try it today and start making more profit.

Ettore PRO+ Pure Water Window Cleaning System

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