Ettore Pro+ Scraper 15cm

Product Description

Ettore Pro+ Scraper 6”/15 Cm

-top of the range glass scraper from Ettore

-suitable for commercial and domestic jobs

-manufactured from rust free plastic materials

-two sides stainless steel blade & safety guard

-compatible with all Ettore extension poles

-15 cm or 6”, easy replaceable blade, great grip

Using The Ettore Pro+ Scraper 6”/15 Cm To Clear Stubborn Debris

Just like the window washing and squeegeeing processes, the success of the scraping task will be largely impacted by the kind of tools that you have. For scrapers, the main factors that are considered include the size of the blade, the material that the component parts are made of, to features like the grip and availability of replacement blades- since the blades will bear the brunt of the job. You want to work with tools that you can rely on to be effective, and products that will provide you with prolonged usage in order to save on the costs incurred when getting window cleaning equipment. The Ettore Pro+ Scraper 6”/15 Cm has made a name for itself when it comes to quality, cleaning power and efficiency.

Superior scraping action

With this unit, you get to remove the tape, paint, stickers, and even construction debris like caulk, stucco and mortar particles from your windows. It cuts through the caked-on grime, separating it from the glass surface with ease. This allows you to proceed with the cleaning task, restoring the glamour to your windows. Since scrapers are used as part of the window washing process, you want to ensure that you have optimal grip when carrying out the task. The last thing you want is the scraper slipping out of your hand in the middle of a stroke- as it can result in harm to both yourself and the glass surface being worked on. With the blade being sharp, you want a tool that you can rely on to work safely and confidently. You get that with the 6-inch Pro+ Contour Scraper. It has an ergonomic design, and is also lightweight, making working with it a breeze. What’s more, the rubberised grip of the unit ensures that you have a firm hold on the scraper throughout the entire cleaning task. The safety of those around you is also key, which is why the Ettore Pro+ Scraper 6”/15 Cm comes with a blade guard, that is put back on the scraper once you are done using it. This keeps the other persons on the building from coming into contact with the blade, and your staff will easily identify it with the yellow colour of the blade guard, making it stand out among the rest of the cleaning tools.

At 6 inches long, the size of the blade contributes to increasing your operational efficiency. Here, each stroke you make with the scraper gets to cover more glass surface, thus you’ll be in a position to work on more windows within a shorter time, speeding up your work. This is particularly beneficial to professional window cleaning contractors, where there is a lot of emphasis on timely result delivery- where your clients want sparkling windows fast. As such, the Ettore Pro+ Scraper 6”/15 Cm contributes to expediting your processes, without compromising on the quality that is expected during the scraping process. Fulfilling your obligations to your residential and commercial window cleaning clients means that they will be more willing to recommended you to their friends and colleagues, further growing your business and getting you more revenue. After all, your operational success is tied to the quality of cleaning products that you have in your arsenal. Making the Ettore Pro+ Scraper 6”/15 Cm part of it lets you crank things into high gear, enabling you to serve more clients within shorter time spans.

Working With The Ettore Pro+ Scraper 6”/15 Cm

Before you get started, gather your cleaning supplies. Here, you’ll need the cleaning solution, a bucket to hold it in, cloths, tools like a washer sleeve and also the squeegee that will be used to clear the contents from the window. Assess the condition of the Ettore Pro+ Scraper 6”/15 Cm first, especially the blade. It shouldn’t be worn out, and there shouldn’t be nicks on it. Any dirt that is on the scraper should be cleaned off, to avoid transferring it onto the window that will be worked on next. Once ready, follow these steps:

  1. Wash the window. Here, the window washer is used – the assembly of the T-bar and washer sleeve. Ensure that the proper dilution ratios have been followed for the cleaning solution that you’re working with. Give the windows a good wash, removing the loose grime and debris that is on it. The stubborn gunk that is left behind will be a job for the Ettore Pro+ Scraper 6”/15 Cm

  2. Bring out your scraper, and work on the caked-on soiling. Note that the window should remain wet when you’re doing this. You can be holding the window washer with your other hand, so as to wet the glass with the cleaning solution whenever necessary. There are a few points to note when scraping the windows:

  • You should only scrape with forward stokes- using a ploughing motion. The scraper should never be pulled back, as this runs the risk of dragging debris under the blade, which will scratch the window. 

  • In case of uncertainty on whether your windows can be scraped, you can always perform a spot test on an inconspicuous section of the window. Give this area a couple of strokes with the Ettore Pro+ Scraper 6”/15 Cm, then check the result from different angles. 

  • Don’t run your finger across the scraper blade. It’s very sharp. 

  1. Carry on with the washing, and after this use the squeegee to complete the task, leaving you with spotless windows. 

After you’re done, clean the scraper and put its safety guard back in place. It’s recommended that you have replacement blades with you, so that you can switch them out as needed. The replacement blades should be kept out of the reach of children and stored in a dry place. 

The safety guard also comes in handy in protecting the blade itself from the wearing effects that would have been caused by exposure to the elements. When in storage, the exposure to heat and moisture is reduced, keeping the blade in optimal condition for longer, giving you more usage out of every unit purchased. 

Ettore Pro+ Scraper 6”/15 Cm

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