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Ettore Pro + Squeegee Compete

€26.13 Ex Tax: €21.24

Ettore Pro + Squeegee Complete 

  • Elegant, professional & premium quality system

  • Fixed channel and handle window cleaning system

  • Light, ergonomic, affordable, rust proof, cost effective

  • Sizes available : 30 cm, 35 cm, 40 cm and 45 cm

  • Highly recommended for regular professional use

  • Compatible with all Ettore reach aluminium poles

  • Fixed channel but the squeegee can be changed

  • One of the most popular items from Ettore range

Ettore Pro + Squeegee Complete  - Where to use

This elegant, light and well manufactured window cleaning system is the ideal tool for the professional window cleaning industry. Manufactured from premium quality stainless steel and shock resistant plastic, the new Ettore Pro + Squeegee Complete will outlast all its competition. The handle is comfortable and the channel rubber is designed to fit in all hard to reach corners. The glass will be left streak free and spotless. A product for “fancy” window cleaning projects where top quality is required. Suitable for commercial, industrial and domestic window cleaning services. Size available : 30 cm, 35 cm, 40 cm and 45 cm

Ettore Pro + Squeegee Complete - How to use

The Ettore Pro + Squeegee Complete can be used for small window cleaning projects but also for large window cleaning projects. It will click-lock into any of Ettore aluminium extension poles and it can be used at very high heights as well. The rubber can be easily replaced in a few seconds. Use the sleeve to wet and scrub the glass and then use the Ettore Pro + Squeegee Complete to remove the water. Amazing results guaranteed. 

Ettore Pro + Squeegee Complete - Why use it

A window cleaning business will only generate profits if you work faster, better and if you spend less money than your competition on window cleaning equipment. This is the reason why Ettore is one of the World`s most popular brands of window cleaning equipment. Its products are manufactured from light materials, rust proof materials and are well priced. Try the new Ettore Pro + Squeegee Complete and start making money. To be the best you need to use the best window cleaning systems

Ettore Pro + Squeegee Complete

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