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Ettore Stainless Steel Handle With Grip

  • A heavy duty stainless steel handle with grip from Ettore

  • Compatible with all Ettore channels, quick install system

  • Stainless steel offers lightweight and outstanding durability

  • Highly recommended for commercial window cleaning jobs

  • Its rubber grip is soft and comfortable, chemical resistant

  • Unscrew the screws, slide in the channel, screw it back 

  • Compatible with all Ettore reach aluminium extension poles

  • One of the most popular and durable handles from Ettore

Ettore Stainless Steel Handle With Grip - Where to use

A stainless steel handle suitable for commercial & domestic use. Suitable for indoor and outdoor window cleaning projects. Its frame is manufactured from lightweight stainless steel components and its grip is manufactured from soft rubber. It will not rust and it will not wear off over time. Chemical resistant, rust-proof and very durable. The new Ettore Stainless Steel Handle With Grip is compatible with most Ettore channels. It will work well in conjunction with one of Ettore`s Reach Aluminium Extension Poles. 

Ettore Stainless Steel Handle With Grip - How to use it

The top clip of the handle is tightened up with two stainless steel screws. Unscrew it, open the clip, stick a channel, screw it back and you are ready for work. Use a sleeve and a t-bar system to wash well the glass to create a fine foam & then use the Ettore Stainless Steel Handle With Grip and a channel rubber to remove the excess water. Light, ergonomic and very easy to use. All you can ask from a professional stainless steel handle.

Check out the whole Ettore range of window cleaning tools and equipment. You will see that Ettore manufactures some of the most innovative and easy to use window cleaning systems. You can save a lot of time, effort and money by using one of Ettore`s smartly designed window cleaning products.

Ettore Stainless Steel Handle With Grip

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