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Ettore Utility Pouch

€30.71 Ex Tax: €24.97

Ettore Utility Pouch

  • A multi use pouch suitable for domestic & commercial use

  • Manufactured from heavy duty moisture resistant components

  • It will fit a wide range of scrapers, scourers, cloths, blades

  • Special hidden pocket for blades, easy reachable pockets

  • The two large front pockets will hold 6 inch scrapers easily

  • Constructed from ballistic nylon with rivets for reinforcement

  • Highly recommended for the window cleaning industry

Ettore Utility Pouch - Where to use

Finding all the small tools when you need them will save you time and will increase your profitability. It is for this reason that the new Ettore Utility Pouch is so popular. The pouch can be used by all professional cleaning contractors but it is designed for window cleaners. It will fit nicely around your standard belt and it will give you easy and fast access to all the small items that can be easily misplaced. A multi use professional pouch from Ettore.

Ettore Utility Pouch - How to use

The new Ettore Utility Pouch is designed in such a way that even if it looks small and compact, it can fit many tools. There is a special side pocket just for blades to avoid accidents. The front pockets can fit 6 inch scrapers with ease, scourers & generally all types of small tools. You will find all the tools within seconds. The pouch is manufactured from heavy duty ballistic nylon reinforced with rivets. The pouch is waterproof and chemical resistant. 

Ettore Utility Pouch - Why Ettore

Any professional window cleaning contractor can tell you that investing in proper window cleaning equipment will increase your productivity, it will reduce your workload and it will increase your profits. Good quality window cleaning stuff requires less maintenance and it will last for many years. Your appearance will improve as well. Use Ettore window cleaning equipment from today. 

Ettore Utility Pouch

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