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Ettore Wipe'n Dry Floor Squeegee

Ettore Wipe`n Dry Floor Squeegee

  • Rust-proof heavy duty universal floor squeegee from Ettore

  • Fitted with the best Dura-Flex natural closed cell moss rubber

  • Compatible with all standard wooden or aluminium handles

  • Suitable for light to medium duty floor cleaning projects/jobs

  • Manufactured from top quality aluminium and soft rubber

  • Suitable for moving water around and drying smooth floors

  • It can also be used for moving chemicals, solvent, paints

  • Available in two different size for all users, 45 cm and 55 cm

  • Very long lasting professional floor squeegee from Ettore

Ettore Wipe`n Dry Floor Squeegee - Where to use

A professional floor squeegee from Ettore suitable for domestic, commercial and light industrial use. The floor squeegee is manufactured from high quality galvanized steel and the world famous Dura-Flex natural closed cell moss rubber. You are guaranteed full water removal, 0 moisture absorption and outstanding resistance to harsh chemicals. The floor squeegee can be used for day to day floor cleaning & drying services, to help dry warehouse and factory spillages to avoid accidents, for external floor drying and water moving in case of floods.  Ettore Wipe`n Dry Floor Squeegee is compatible with all standard wooden handles and most aluminium handles.

Ettore Wipe`n Dry Floor Squeegee - How to use

A wet vac or some extraction system might not be available at all times. Wet floors can be a hazard. A quick way of drying a wet floor is with a high quality floor squeegee like the new Ettore Wipe`n Dry Floor Squeegee . You can push the liquid out of the way until it could be safely disposed of. The floor squeegee is not only for pushing water away, you can use it on solvent, oils, paints and other types of liquid or semi-liquid products. 

You can't afford to spend your hard earned money on a cheap, low quality floor squeegee. You want to be prepared for the worst and you want to be assured that your tools will be able to face it. Order the new Ettore Wipe`n Dry Floor Squeegee and be ready to be impressed.

Ettore Wipe`n Dry Floor Squeegee 

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