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Evans High Class Maintainer

  • A high quality, highly concentrated universal floor cleaner and floor maintainer

  • Safe to use on all polished and highly polished surfaces without dulling the gloss

  • Contains a pleasant orange fragrance, leaves no residue, neutral PH, safe

  • The ideal cleaner and maintainer for terrazzo, porcelain, lino, vinyl, marmoleum

  • One of the very few floor cleaners and maintainers approved for cleaning altro

  • Suitable for commercial, industrial and all types of residential floor cleaning jobs

  • Evans High Class Maintainer is listed as “green” low environmental impact

  • It can be used on floors, painted surfaces, walls, wall tiles, glass & other areas

  • This product is highly popular with the professional office cleaning industry

Evans High Class Maintainer - Why use

Because of its low PH and multi surface use, the new Evans High Class Maintainer is the ideal product for commercial cleaning projects where a low PH maintainer is required. This product is safe to use on all highly polished floor surfaces and all types of washable surfaces. Basically, the only cleaning product required to be able to clean and maintain pretty much all surfaces. It contains a pleasant orange perfume that will refresh and deodorize the whole area. A risk free daily cleaner and maintainer from Evans.

Evans High Class Maintainer - Where to use

The new Evans High Class Maintainer is a highly concentrated universal maintainer and daily surface cleaner. The product requires dilution before use. While the new Evans High Class Maintainer was designed as a floor cleaner and maintainer, it can be used on all washable surfaces. It leaves no streaks, no residue and it is 100% safe. You can use this amazing product to maintain all your floors and also for cleaning glass, painted surfaces, frames & other sensitive surfaces. It can be used with a damp mopping system or with a spray and wipe system. Suitable for indoor use only. It can be used on porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles, terrazzo floors, terracotta floors, lino floors, marmoleum floors, vinyl floors, laminate floors, polished concrete floors & other types of polished surfaces. Not suitable for heavy duty floor cleaning projects. 

Evans High Class Maintainer - How to use

Dilute the product 1 to 100 in warm water and proceed to wash your floors as usual. While cleaning highly polished floors, try to use as little water as possible. Use a semi wet mop only. Damp wash the floor in all directions and allow time to dry. Buff the surface after the maintainer has fully dried. You can also dilute the product in a standard spray bottle and use the mixture to clean doors & frames, window sills, skirting boards, glass, stainless steel & other types of surfaces. Spray the product directly on the surface and use a clean microfiber cloth to remove the excess product. Besides spectacular results, you will also notice a pleasant fragrance. The product is safe to use on all types of washable surfaces where a low PH cleaning product is required. After a few seconds of direct contact with the surface the product will evaporate to a streak free finish.

Evans High Class Maintainer - Safety

While using Evans High Class Maintainer you should wear gloves to protect your hands, if you are likely to be in direct contact with the product for prolonged periods. Do not mix the new Evans High Class Maintainer with any other floor cleaning products to avoid unwanted reactions. Respect the dilution rate and only use on water washable surfaces

A cheap and highly efficient neutral floor cleaner and neutral maintainer from Evans. Use one cleaning product for all your day to day surface cleaning and maintenance projects.

Evans High Class Maintainer

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