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Evans Ocean Blue Hand Soap

Evans Ocean Blue

Top quality perfumed hand wash from Evans

Suitable for executive bathroom use and 4-5 Star hotels

Cleans fast and leaves the skin soft and moisturized

The product is compatible with all standard soap dispensers

Medium foam, invigorating contemporary fragrance, gel like

Neutral PH, rich creamy feeling, low environmental impact

Suitable for residential use, commercial use and industrial use 

Available in 500 ML soap dispenser and 5L large bottles

The most popular hand wash from the Evans range

Evans Ocean Blue | Why Use It

Unlike the cheaper hand soaps from different brands, the new Evans Ocean Blue inspires elegance. The product contains just the right amount of perfume to slightly deodorize your hands without being overpowering. The product has a thick gel like composition that is great for reducing waste. A tiny drop of hand soap is more than enough to clean and moisturize the hands. The new Evans Ocean Blue is also highly cost effective, affordable and sure to impress even the most demanding customers. Its neutral PH makes this product compatible with all types of skin.

Evans Ocean Blue | Where To Use It

The product can be purchased in a 500 ML bottle with a soap dispenser or it can be purchased in a 5 L bottle that can be used to refill the small dispenser or any type of soap or hand gel dispenser. The new formula Evans Ocean Blue is suitable for all kinds of residential use, fancy hotels, offices, restaurants, schools, pubs, gyms & all other public buildings. Due to its neutral PH formula, the product is suitable even for sensitive skin. The product does not qualify as “cheap” but is definitely worth every penny. Due to its thick composition, it is very hard to waste the product. To reduce waste further, use an automatic soap dispenser.

Evans Ocean Blue | How To Use It

The ideal way of using it is with a soap dispenser. One drop of hand soap is more than enough to wash your hands perfectly. Use warm water instead of cold water and rinse your hands. While the product generates a good amount of foam, it will not create too much foam. After a quick wash, your hands will feel clean and soft. The hand soap will get rid of all kinds of general dirt, food residue, some grease, some fats, some water based paints. In some cases, a second wash might be required to achieve great results. The 5L bottle can be fitted with a pelican pump and used on its own. 

The new Evans Ocean Blue is one of the most, if not the most, popular hand soaps in Ireland. The product is used all over Ireland by thousands of commercial, industrial and residential users. The product is of great value and is highly rated. If you are on the market for a fine quality hand soap to regularly wash your hands, your familys' hands or your employees' hands, then check out the new formula Evans Ocean Blue

Evans Ocean Blue | Safety

While this professional hand soap is not known to cause any allergies or to negatively affect the skin, you should treat it as a cleaning agent. Keep it away from kids, away from direct sunlight and do not mix the product with any other hand soaps.

Evans Ocean Blue

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