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-professional highly efficient universal thin bleach

-suitable for bathroom cleaning & kitchen cleans

-the ideal product for soaking mops & cloths

-suitable for mopping or spray & wipe cleaning

-suitable for commercial & domestic cleaning

-highly active product & very cost efficient product

-it will clean the draining system as well



A Look At The Evans Thin Bleach

Washrooms are highly frequented areas in both domestic and commercial establishments. They handle plenty of gunk- from the soiling, skin flakes, sweat and oils washed off the body in the showers and bathtub, to the body waste that goes down the toilet and urinal. This makes it a bacteria haven. It's not just the toilet bowl that should concern you. In fact most flushing systems have been deigned to efficiently get rid of the waste. Most of the bacteria is on those hidden areas- like under the toilet rim, and frequently touched surfaces like the toilet flush handle and sink faucets. In addition, whenever you flush without putting down the toilet lid, particles get sprayed onto other surfaces in the room, from the walls and floors and some even reach the sinks. The constant availability of moisture in the washrooms enables the microbes to thrive, putting the health of the persons in the establishment at risk. There are all kinds of microorganisms on the washroom surfaces, from faecal-borne bacteria like E.Coli, to gastrointestinal viruses like the norovirus. That's why washroom cleaning is a highly prioritised part of building maintenance programmes around the world. You want a product that can get rid of the grime and kill the microbes, restoring the health and hygiene of the premises. That's a job for the Evans Thin Bleach.


Then there's the urine and lime scale. Urine scale is basically ammonium compounds that are left behind when urine gets splashed on the toilet surfaces. On the other hand, lime scale is formed when the minerals like calcium and magnesium, which are carried in the hard water, get deposited on the surfaces they occupy- from the sinks and showers, to the ring that forms in the toilet bowl. They cause unsightly discolourations, which ruin the look of the whole washroom. You want a product that can remove the scale as it washes away the rest of the dirt. Turn to the Evans Thin Bleach.

6 Reasons To Invest In The Evans Thin Bleach


1. Tough cleaning action

The Evans Thin Bleach cuts through grime and grease spots with ease. It breaks down the soiling and set-in stains, restoring the sparkle to your porcelain throne, sinks and other washroom surfaces. Its high alkalinity (undiluted pH of 12.4) enables it to saponify fatty and oily soiling on the surfaces, making it easy for them to be rinsed away; and also neutralises the acids found in numerous types of dirt. It's also effective in removing water emulsion waxes and scuff marks. 


2. Enhances the hygiene of the establishment

The Evans Thin Bleach is effective in killing bacteria, viruses and also fungi. You can use it to eliminate the microbes that got aerosolised as the toilet was being flushed and ended up on the rest of the surfaces in the washroom, or the mould and mildew that has developed on the walls, shower curtains and floors. The Evans Thin Bleach will clean and disinfect the sinks and drains, and even highly contaminated surfaces like the toilet flush handles and the door knobs. Restore the cleanliness of your bathrooms and toilets with the Evans Thin Bleach.


3. Minimal odour

You don't have to worry about the characteristic hypochlorite odour that comes with conventional bleach-based products. In the Evans Thin Bleach, it has been reduced to a minimal. In addition, the products counters the malodours emanating from the rest of the premises, whether it’s the pungent smells from the toilets and urinals, or the mucky smell from fungal growth in the tile grout and shower curtains. You get to clean the surfaces and eliminate the odours in one application.


4. Extreme versatility

The Evans Thin Bleach is a general purpose cleaner. You can use it from the sinks and toilets in the washrooms, all through to cleaning and disinfecting your countertops and trash cans in the kitchen. It will sanitise your crockery and remove those annoying tannin stains on your tea cups and tea pots. The Evans Thin Bleach is also ideal for washing and disinfecting your cleaning equipment, such as cloths and mops. 


5. Easy to use

Using the Evans Thin Bleach is a breeze. Simply apply it undiluted to the toilet, sink or urinal, then scrub and rinse. General cleaning purposes (like when you're working on countertops, walls and floors) you can dilute the Evans Thin Bleach. The same case applies when you're soaking the mops and cloths. It's also requires minimal effort on your part. Its superior cleansing action makes it do most often work for you, breaking down the grime and soiling upon application. All that's left is some agitation with a brush (for toilets) or the mop and cloth, then some rinsing and you're good to go. 


6. Economical

The Evans Thin Bleach comes in an affordable 5L bottle. It also has a high dilution ratio when using it for general cleaning (1:125), and soaking mops and cloths (1:250). This means that it will last for long, and you'll be getting more cleaning power with every purchase you make. You'll be able to cut down on the expenses you incur on the routine cleaning programme for your establishment. Since the Evans Thin Bleach is a multipurpose product, it will save you from incurring costs on different cleaners for the numerous surfaces in your home or office building.


DOs And DON'Ts Of The Evans Thin Bleach

· DO clean your washrooms and other surfaces with the Evans Thin Bleach regularly to prevent grime odours and water stains from building up.

· DO avoid spilling the Evans Thin Bleach on your skin or clothes.

· DO ensure that there is proper ventilation in the area you're working in.

· DO discard the left over cleaning and disinfecting solution that you had formed by diluting the Evans Thin Bleach. For efficacy, the solution should be used within 24 hours after you prepare it. Its rate of decomposition increases with time, so if left unused for long it won’t be as effective. To avoid wastage, measure the amount of product you need for each cleaning session.


· DON’T store the cloths and mops while wet. Allow them to air dry after soaking them in the Evans Thin Bleach and rinsing them.

· DON'T mix it with other cleaning agents such as vinegar or ammonia. This will cause toxic fumes to be created. 


Evans Thin Bleach 5L

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