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-highly perfumed, highly active & highly efficient toilet cleaner

-will deep clean, descale and perfume the whole toilet in one go

-suitable to use stainless steel, plastic, enamel, chrome, ceramic

-its neutral Ph makes it the ideal bathroom cleaner and descaler 

-suitable for deep cleaning and maintaining domestic & public toilets

-suitable for cleaning floors, walls, tiles, all bathroom fitting, taps, etc


Everfresh Toilet Cleaner & Descaler

A toilet is a very sensitive. It should be given maximum attention when cleaning. People who do not practice the culture of cleaning their toilets often can get sick anytime. In establishments where the population is densely populated such as schools and other workplaces need greater cleaning attention as a way of reducing spreading of bacteria, dust, and soils. You need to use the highest quality cleaning products like toilet cleaner & descaler that will keep your homes, schools, workplaces as clean as new every day. Bathroom hygiene also involves washing of your hands to prevent spreading of infections.
You should create a timetable that you follow to the letter on cleaning all the toilets in your home for your family to be safe. Toilet cleaning should be a daily chore especially if it has a lot of users and thorough cleaning at least twice or thrice a week. All family members should know how to use the toilet properly especially the kids and flush after use. Those are some of the few things that people ignore and later find themselves getting sick.

Features of Toilet Cleaner & Descaler.

• Neutral PH.
• Clings to the surface for a longer time.
• Highly perfumed with apple fragrance which leaves the washroom smelling fresh.
• Ideal for daily use on sinks bathtubs, urinals, and toilet bowls.
• It is affordable
• It forms a thick lather.
• Active bathroom cleaner
• Great descaler.
• It can be used to clean porcelain, plastic, enamel, ceramic, stainless steel and tiles.

Ingredients of toilet cleaner & descaler

• Hydrochloric acid
• Chlorine bleach.
• Sodium lauryl sulfate
• Citric acid
• Apple perfume.

To clean your toilet effectively you need the following:

• Toilet Cleaner & Descaler
• Toilet brush
• Damp towel
• Hand rubber gloves
• Spray bottle.

How to clean the toilet using toilet cleaner & descaler

Cleaning the toilet is a chore that is usually postponed yet it’s mandatory to keep the toilet clean. Uncleaned toilet will not only smell bad and disgusting but also breed germs. Follow the following steps to clean the toilet using the effective toilet cleaner & descaler.

1. Put on gloves. Have a rubber glove which is meant for the toilet cleaning chores. The toilet can have bacteria, and you don’t want your hands getting into that mess. Keeps toilet cleaning gloves away from the other gloves to avoid any chances of mix-ups.

2. Use a damp cloth to wipe the toilet. The water can be hot to kill all germs. While wiping the germs and another kind of dirt will loosen up this will make your work easier later. With the same damp cloth, moisten the tank lidand the outer part of the bowl.

3. Read the manufactures instructions on the toilet cleaner & descaler and follow them to the letter and for good results.

4. Pour the toilet cleaner & descaler in a spray bottle. Apply the cleaner inside the toilet bowl. The cleaner will eliminate stains, scales and germs in the toilet. Keep applying and allow it to drip down the bowl into the water.

5. Let the toilet cleaner & descaler soak in for about 10 minutes to loosen the dirt.

6. Use a brush to scrub the bowl. Pay attention to parts that had visible stains and use more energy to scrub those areas. Since the toilet cleaner & descaler has accumulated on at the bottom area, keep dipping your brush in the solution and scrub the bowl.

7. Flush the toilet to rinse the toilet bowl and the toilet brush. Keep scrubbing as the water drains for all the dirt to be flashed away. Flush the toilet once more to leave it fresh and clean.

8. If there are persistent stains and rings, repeat the process again until you achieve desired results.

9. Apply the Toilet Cleaner & Descaler on the seat and bowl and wipe with a clean damp cloth.

10. Clean the toilet handle with extra attention because it is one of the most places that accumulates most germs.

Why should you use Toilet Cleaner & Descaler to clean toilets?

• Toilet Cleaner & Descaler does a good job if removing dirt and disinfects and kills germs that may cause many illnesses.
• Bathroom counter, door knobs, toilet eats may have dirt and germs that are visible, but Toilet Cleaner & Descaler clears them easily.
• Promotes a clean environment. Toilet Cleaner &Descaler is an environment-friendly cleaner that will not kill your plants.
• Saves medical costs. Cleaning your toilet with Toilet Cleaner & Descaler will minimize trips to the doctor with illnesses that are transmitted by germs found in the toilet.
• Toilet Cleaner & Descaler leaves your toilet smelling very nice and one would not hurry to leave the washroom because of bad smell.
• It cleans your toilet effectively. Using Toilet Cleaner & Descaler saves you’re the extra energy used to scrub your toilet because it loosens the dirt within minutes.

Tips on how to keep your toilet sparkling and germ-free.

• Always flush the toilet after every use and encourage other to do the same. Educate your family on the importance of flushing the toilet. Visitors too should flush the toilet after use.
• Do not use disinfectants that are corrosive to clean the toilet especially if have kids and pets. The acidity may affect child’s skin when they are using the toilet. And to top it up corrosive disinfectants weaken your toilet bowl.
• Do not flush solid object down the toilet as it will cause blockage along the toilet line.
• Place a trash can beside your toilet as a reminder for user’s to trash the solid waste material in it.

Toilet Cleaner & Descaler safety precautions

• Keep out of reach of children
• Wear protective clothing when cleaning. Protective gears such as gloves, protective goggles, and face protector.
• If swallowed rinse the mouth with plenty of clean water and visit a doctor immediately
• Dispose of empty Toilet Cleaner & Descaler in agreement with local rules and regulations.
• Keep away from other chemicals especially those that have chlorine as a compound.
• Store in a cool well-ventilated room to avoid evaporation.

Getting a clean and hygienic toilet should be a priority in every home. There is no better way of making sure that your toilet remains clean than the use of toilet cleaner and desclar. If you find it hard yo clean the toilet consult experts.


Everfresh Toilet Cleaner & Descaler 

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