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Premium exterior cleaning products & unique cleaning solution for walls, footpaths & guttering

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Carver Deck Protect / Water Based Deck Sealer

Carver Deck Protect / Water Based Deck SealerDeep penetrating water based deck impregnator and sealerHigh coverage, long lasting protection, UV safe, quick dryingNon filmogenic (it won't crack) , avai..

Carver Pulidek | Heavy Duty Decking Cleaner

Carver Pulidek / Exterior Wood Floor CleanerWater based exterior deck and exterior wood floor cleaner from CarverA ready to use formula highly recommended for cleaning wood deckingRemove years of accu..
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Cleanfast Con Clean Acid Cleaner

Cleanfast Con Clean Acid Cleaner *** not suitable for delivery. Collection only*** -highly efficient and highly efficient general acid cleaner-suitable for removing mortar splashes from bric..

Cleanfast Drive Clear 5L | Moss Remover

Cleanfast Drive Clear 5L | Moss Remover A bactericidal & fungicide for removal of spores, moss, algae, etcMade in IrelandCan be used on tarmac, concrete, paving, stonework, slates etc.Amazing..

Cleanfast Graffiti Remover

Cleanfast Graffiti RemoverHigh quality solvent based graffiti remover from CleanfastA highly concentrated formula available in 5L and 750 MLIt can be safely used on blocks, concrete, bricks & ston..

Cleanfast Patio & Dash Wall Cleaner 5L

Cleanfast Patio & Dash Wall CleanerThe most cost effective and most highly concentrated patio cleaning solutionIt removes algae, lichens, black spots and all other kinds of organic growthOur patio..

Cleanfast Urine Neutraliser / Artificial Grass Urine Neutraliser

Cleanfast Urine Neutraliser / Artificial Grass Urine NeutraliserIrish manufactured heavy duty urine neutraliser suitable for outdoor useIt will neutralise urine odours from artificial grass, patios, f..

Evans Sink And Drain Clear 2.5L

 Evans Sink & Drain Clear 2.5L-very powerful sink and drain cleaner and degreaser-it will remove with ease most types of grease build up-it will maintain the drainage & it will prevent bl..
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