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Faber 30 Wax Stripper & Heavy Duty Degreaser

Faber 30 Wax Stripper & Heavy Duty Degreaser -heavy duty alkaline deep cleaning solution from Faber-highly concentrated cleaner suitable for commercial use-tough on dirt and very gentle on po..

Faber A1 Grey - White Marble Polishing Powder 5 Kg

Faber A1 Marble Polishing PowderHigh performing polishing powder suitable for polishing white marbleTo be applied with a low speed floor buffer and a standard white padPerfectly polishes light coloure..

Faber A2 Mix | Marble Polishing Powder

Faber A2 Mix Marble Polishing PowderPremium quality universal marble polishing powder compatible with all marble floorsMarble polishing powder with a deep vitreous effect for marble, travertine, limes..

Faber A3 Yellow Marble Polishing Powder

Faber A3 Yellow | Marble Polishing Powder-highly concentrated powder suitable for polishing marble-it will create a cool natural finish on natural stones/marble-Faber is one of the world leaders in ma..

Faber ABR 600 / 250 ML

Faber ABR 600-professional low cost grinding cream from Faber-easy to use polishing cream (without any training)-it will work great on marble,quartz, tiles, terrazzo, etc-to be used where mechanical p..

Faber AC 300 Impregnator | Deep Water Repellent

Faber AC 300 Impregnator | Deep Water Repellent-quick drying natural looking impregnator-compatible with all natural stone floors-to be applied on unsealed natural stones-it will penetrate deep & ..
2-3 Days

Faber Acid Cleaner 1L

Faber Acid Cleaner Heavy duty acidic tile cleaner, water based and highly concentratedSuitable for removing cement residue, grout and inorganic residueThe perfect product for deep cleaning post-i..
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Faber AlgaFloor Maintainer

Faber AlgaFloor Maintainera very efficient daily cleaner and maintainer for marbleit will deep clean, refresh and deodorise the floor surfacesuitable to use on sensitive and very sensitive stone floor..

Faber Alkaline Cleaner

Faber Alkaline Cleaner Heavy duty alkaline cleaner suitable for deep cleaning tile floors and wallsHighly efficient against organic residue, body fats, grease, oxidation, dark stainsIt can be use..

Faber Aqua Stop 1L

Faber Aqua Stop | Water-Repellent 100% deep penetrating waterproofing sealer suitable for all absorbent surfacesIt penetrates the surface fully without creating an artificial film over the surfac..

Faber AS 930 CP | Worktop Sealer

Faber AS 930 CP | Worktop SealerPremium quality solvent based worktop sealer compatible with all natural stone worktopsIt will create a beautiful looking sheen and can be applied over pre-existing sea..

Faber AS 930 Terracotta Sealer

Faber AS 930 Terracotta Sealer-suitable for sealing terracotta, terrazzo, concrete-quick drying, non glazing solvent based sealant-1 L will cover around 30 sq meter of floors (+-)-it will not create a..

Faber AT Lux Solven Sealer

Faber AT Lux  Solvent Sealer-solvent based stain proof for natural stones-it will seal any type of natural stone surface-stain proof, water proof & very long lasting-high coverage, very fast ..

Faber ATS 60 Impregnator

Faber ATS 60 ImpregnatorSolvent based stain treatment for highly absorbent materialsThe product will penetrate the stone fully without glazing itSuitable for residential & high traffic commercial ..

Faber B 1/920 Polishing Wax For Vertical Surfaces (Walls)

Faber B 1/920 Polishing Wax For Vertical Surfaces (Walls)-wax emulsion resin suitable for sealing vertical surfaces (walls)-Faber B1/920 creates an ultra fine non visible protective coat-it seals and ..
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