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Faber Algafloor Maintainer 5L - Natural Stone Maintainer

  • Brand: Faber
  • Product Code: 010100030
  • Availability: In Stock

-daily floor cleaner and floor maintainer from Faber

-recommended for maintaining natural stone floors

-to be diluted 1 to 100 before use (highly concentrate)

-suitable for commercial and domestic floor cleaning

-safe to use on highly polished & sealed stone floors

-it will clean instant and it will deodorise the surface

-PH neutral daily floor cleaner and floor maintainer

Cleaning Your Floors With The Faber Alga Floor 5L

Cleaning your ceramic or natural stone surfaces is a core part of their routine maintenance. The dirt and grime that is accumulating on them as a result of everyday activities causes them to lose their appeal. No one likes living or working in an area covered in dirt spots. They are a distraction, and create a feeling of a chaotic environment. The lost beauty is just the tip of the iceberg. When left unattended, the soiling that is building up becomes a threat to the surface itself. As it is ground against the surface, it wears down the polished effect, making it look dull, and puts the underlying structure at risk. The surface becomes more prone it to issues like etching from the stains that spill onto it. After spending so much time getting the installation that matches the architectural and aesthetic needs of your home or business premises, you don't want to watch that effort go down the drain. Instituting a proper cleaning program will protect your installation. For this, Faber has provided a wide range of solutions, especially formulated for working on the different types of installations. When it comes to dealing with surfaces that have a low absorbency, turn to the Faber Alga Floor 5L.

When you turn to Faber, you're dealing with an industry leader in surface care. Over the decades, the brand has grown an international footprint, serving customers from its headquarters in Italy, across the European markets of England through to Spain and Greece, the Asian regions of Singapore, China and even Russian, all through to the UAE and Gulf countries. This wide reach is testament to the trust that consumers have in their products. These cut across the board, from protective treatments that ward off effects of staining and everyday dirt, stain removing products, finishing and waxing formulations, those that come in to provide a honing and polished effect, all through to the cleaners, such as the Faber Alga Floor 5L under review here. The company adheres to a strict quality control system during production, which has also achieved ISO: 9001:2008 certification. Continued innovation goes into the production process, to deliver solutions to emerging trends in surface care. Let's delve into what the Faber Alga Floor 5L has in store for you.

Safely clean polished and compact surfaces

In surface care, while the main goal is getting rid of the dirt and grime, you don't want to ruin the underlying material in the process. This ranges from the treatment that have been applied, that polished effect, all through to the structural integrity of the installation itself. The compatibility of the solutions used with the surface is key.

With the Faber Alga Floor 5L, you get to give the surfaces in your establishment a thorough wash. It has been particularly formulated for working on the surfaces that are compact or polished, which usually have low degrees of absorption. Here, when working with traditional cleaning products, residue tends to be left behind on the surfaces, ruining the quality of the results, and increasing your frustration since you end up being forced to put in much more time, effort and resources to get them really clean. This is done away with when you use the Faber Alga Floor 5L. It will get rid of the dirt without forming a surface film, and can be used for the routine cleaning operations. The product is suitable for a wide range of indoor and outdoor surfaces, from marble, its agglomerates like cement-marble and marble-resin, molten basalt, limestone, travertine, ceramics, porcelain stoneware, all through to quartz-resin agglomerates. It will get the task done without damaging the material, or affecting its appearance. The Faber Alga Floor 5L is a neutral pH cleaner, safe for the myriad of surfaces. What's more, the formulation has a pleasant scent, which goes a long way in sprucing up the ambience of the space. 

With the Faber Alga Floor 5L, you also get an economical surface cleaning solution. For starters, it is available at a pocket-friendly price. In addition, it is a concentrated formulation. The Faber Alga Floor 5L is diluted before use, and each litre of product can cover 900 to 1100 m² of surface, depending on the dilution ratio used and the type of material being worked on. By enabling you to properly care for your installations, you also get to avoid the costs that come when making repairs due to deterioration caused by dirt and grime. This brings you more savings down the road. Depending on your establishment's maintenance needs, you can get this formulation in 1L bottles, the 5L can, or the larger 10L option. That way you get to ensure that you meet your routine surface cleaning program.

How To Use The Faber Alga Floor 5L

  1. Start by sweeping or vacuuming away the loose dust particles and coarse debris. These can be easily got rid of, which will enable the Faber Alga Floor 5L to focus on the rest of the grime that is adhering to the surface.

  2. Dilute the product. Here, it depends on the surface that you're working on. For ceramics, porcelain stoneware, and when you're cleaning quartz agglomerates, mix 10-20 grams of the Faber Alga Floor in 5L of water. This is about using 2-3 capfuls of the formulation in every bucket of water. If you're using the Faber Alga Floor 5L on natural stone surfaces that have been polished, increase the amount to 30-40 grams for the 5L of water, or 4-5 capfuls for the bucket of water. 

  3. Wash the surface using the preferred approach and equipment. Popular choices are mops and single disc machines. Generally, you're required to cover the floor with the Faber Alga Floor solution, ensuring that there is a fine layer of it over the ensure surface, and scrub those sessions where there is stubborn dirt. 

No rinsing will be required if the recommended dilution ratios have been used. You can open up the floor of traffic after it dries. 

Once you're done, the equipment used can be washed using water. 

Faber Alga Floor 5L

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