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Faber AS 930 CP | Worktop Sealer

  • Premium quality solvent based worktop sealer compatible with all natural stone worktops

  • It will create a beautiful looking sheen and can be applied over pre-existing sealers

  • The product has to be applied with a quality melamine pad over a clean & dry surface

  • 1L will cover around 20 sq meters of worktop but it can vary depending on porosity

  • 100% food certified | Acid resistant | Relatively easy to apply | Fast drying | Durable

  • A professional worktop sealer for the professional worktop polishing and sealing trade

  • To achieve the desired results, the application process has to be respected in detail

  • While wet, there will be a noticeable solvent odour that will disappear in full as it dries

  • It can be applied over marble worktops, travertine worktops, limestone worktops, etc

  • The product will glaze the surface with a protective coat that is acid resistant | safe

Faber AS 930 CP | Worktop Sealer | Why Use It

An untreated natural stone worktop can easily stain and it can look old and dated pretty fast. The biggest enemy for all polished natural stone surfaces is acidic food residue. This is the main selling point for the new Faber AS 930 CP | Worktop Sealer. This particular product will seal the surface and it will create a durable barrier between the stone itself and the food. Any acidic food that comes in direct contact with the worktop will not affect the surface at all. The product is easy to apply and it dries in no time. If you are looking for a great worktop protector or if you are looking for a better sheen on your old and dull looking worktop, try the new Faber AS 930 CP | Worktop Sealer. 

Faber AS 930 CP | Worktop Sealer | Where To Use It

A top of the range solvent based worktop sealer compatible with all marble worktops, travertine worktops, limestone worktops and generally all acid sensitive worktops. This particular product was designed for indoor and outdoor use. It can be used on dull or highly polished worktops that are manufactured from a natural stone material or some type of composite. The product is also compatible with table tops and other surfaces manufactured from natural stone materials that are exposed to acids or products that contain high levels of acidic content.

Faber AS 930 CP | Worktop Sealer | How To Use

Start by deep cleaning the worktop. To make sure that the product attaches to the worktop evenly, the surface has to be grease, fat & stain free. Deep clean the worktop with Faber Cottosolv or Faber Deep Degreaser, allow it to dry and then prepare for sealing it. You will need some type of applicator to apply the product to the surface and you will also need a small melamine pad to remove excess sealer. 

  1. Pour the product directly on the worktop and spread it evenly with a window cleaning sleeve or a microfiber cloth

  2. Using the melamine pad remove the excess sealer from the surface

  3. Allow it to dry for a few hours

Faber AS 930 CP | Worktop Sealer | Recommendations

Do not apply it over wet or dirty surfaces. Make sure to apply a thin and even coat all over the worktop. Do not mix up the product with any other sealers from Faber or other brands. Do not touch the surface while the product is drying. Work in a well ventilated area. Keep the product away from children and pets. Do not drip sealer on the floor below and do not touch any other surfaces that do not require sealing. Wear gloves and face mask while using this product.

Faber AS 930 CP | Worktop Sealer

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