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Faber AS 930 Terracotta Sealer

-suitable for sealing terracotta, terrazzo, concrete

-quick drying, non glazing solvent based sealant

-1 L will cover around 30 sq meter of floors (+-)

-it will not create an artificial finish on marble

-suitable for commercial and industrial traffic

-it can be applied with a brush, roller or a pad

- Faber AS 930 will create a wet look glossy finish

Surfaces Care With The Faber AS 930 Terracotta Sealer - Worktop Sealer

When there are stains covering your living room floors, smudges and spills on the kitchen countertops that form unsightly spots, those cosmetic products that ruin the office worktops and bathroom surfaces- they can be frustrating. They set into the material, in stark contrast to the surrounding colouration. While cleaning them is a whole different issue- what of reducing their occurrence in the first place? Food and drink spills are inevitable. They will eventually occur, whether it’s from smudges, a cup that gets knocked out of the hand, or some wine simply sloshing over the glass rim. Preventing them from seeping into the floor and adhering to the structure is what is key. Applying a layer that keeps the spill from penetrating into your natural stone and tile surfaces will go a long way in taking away the burden associated with the stains. The safety of the material itself also comes into play. After all, you want to make it stain resistant, not corrode the structure in the process. As such, you want a product that can get the task done without posing risks to your installation. For this, units like the Faber AS 930 Terracotta Sealer come in handy.

Glossy and Protective treatment

Faber AS 930 Terracotta Sealerserves two main purposes: it enhances the beauty of the installation, and forms a layer that protects it against the barrage of daily abuse. You get to have that wet-look effect, and bring out the veins that are characteristic of natural stone installations. It makes them more prominent, which boosts the decor of the surrounding space. You can use it on the rough, cleft and antiqued stones. These include marble, granite, concrete, sandstone, porphyry, quartzite, travertine, reconstituted tone, exposed brickwork, and also terracotta installations. That glossy finish gets to remain for long, and also doesn’t yellow over time. The Faber AS 930 Terracotta Sealer is also applicable on the artificial surfaces that have a rough and textured finish- as long as the material itself is absorbent.

With regards to the protection, this is against staining, soiling and also foot traffic. That shiny layer that is formed when the Faber AS 930 Terracotta Sealer is applied onto the surface is ultra-hard. It enables it to ward off the wear effects caused by people walking about. By resistant stains, this also means that subsequent cleaning operations will be easier. Even your building’s maintenance budget is favoured, seeing that the product comes in affordable 1L bottles and 5L cans. Each litre gets to cover 15 - 20m² of surface, allowing you to treat a wide area with every unit purchased. The enhanced durability cuts down on the expenses that will be incurred making repairs, which brings you more savings.

Why Faber?

It's a brand you can trust. The company has been providing surface care products for natural stone, agglomerates, ceramics, cotto and terracotta. Their range of solutions has been used by builders and architects, home and  business owners,  all through to professional cleaning companies serving multiple residential and commercial clients on  a daily basis. The reliability of their products has seen the company grow from its Italian origins to service customers all over England, Spain, Greece and other European countries, the Saudi Arabia, UAE and other Gulf nations, all through to the Asian markets of Singapore, China, Thailand, Philippines, India and Russia. The huge demand for their products is testament to the quality they provide. These range from protective treatments like the Faber AS 930 Terracotta Sealer under review here, cleaning agents that tackle those heavy build-ups of grime, stain removers that deal with the oil-based and water-based stains, waxes and finishes, plus the mastic and epoxy systems that are formulated for the repair of cracks, chips and other kinds of surface damage.

How To Use The Faber Faber AS 930 Terracotta Sealer

First start by preparing the surface. The dirt and grime need to be got rid of, so give it a thorough wash. Since the Faber AS 930 Terracotta Sealer should not be used on wet surfaces, allow the place to dry before you proceed. It’s also recommended that you cover the adjacent areas that are not to be treated. Next is getting the equipment. Here, you can use tools like brushes, rollers or a lambswool applicator, depending on what is most convenient for you. Once these are in order, you can proceed following these steps:

  1. Evenly apply the Faber AS 930 Terracotta Sealer onto the surface. Make a light coat, covering the entire target area.

  2. Allow it to dry. This will happen in just around 45 minutes. Note that you may observe some differences in the shine level as the product dries, due to the varying degrees of absorption on the treated areas. This is anticipated, so don't disturb it in an attempt to even out the product.

  3. Let it completely cure before allowing foot traffic back onto the area. This will take anywhere between 4 and 6 hours after application. In case you want to repeat the application, it should also wait until complete curing.

Tips For Using The Faber AS 930 Terracotta Sealer

  • Speed counts. It’s advised that you work fast, that way the entire coat that has been applied can cure evenly on the completed sections.

  • There are those situations where the target surface had been primed using a water repellent. In this case, allow the initial product used to first dry before applying the Faber AS 930 Terracotta Sealer

  • The surrounding environmental conditions also come into play. In case it is about to rain, frost, or there is fog and mist around, wait for it to clear before applying the product. High humidity levels will affect the curing process and eventual result.

  • After the treatment, clean the equipment that you have used with white spirit.

  • For the surfaces that have been recently grouted, allow the grout used to completely cure before you proceed to apply the Faber AS 930 Terracotta Sealer

  • When it comes to the routine care and maintenance, use Faber Neugel for the cleaning, and in case dewaxing is needed, turn to the Dec 21 or DECERA P, both from Faber as well, depending on the type of surface you're working on.

Faber AS 930 Terracotta Sealer

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