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Faber ATS 60 Impregnator

  • Solvent based stain treatment for highly absorbent materials

  • The product will penetrate the stone fully without glazing it

  • Suitable for residential & high traffic commercial floors

  • Safe to use on all floors, walls, pillars, some worktops, roofs

  • Faber ATS 60 Impregnator is a long lasting quick drying sealer

  • It will provide superior protection against traffic and spillages

  • To be applied to clean and unsealed natural stone surfaces

  • 1L of the new Faber ATS 60 Impregnator will cover 30 sq m

  • The product will slightly enhance the colour of the surface

  • Easy to apply, highly cost effective, UV resistant, colourless

Faber ATS 60 Impregnator - Why use 

While some people are looking for highly glossy deep impregnators, others prefer a more natural non glazing sealer. The new Faber ATS 60 Impregnator is a beautiful natural looking sealer that will penetrate the stone in full, it will provide outstanding durability and it will fully protect the surface against all types of stains & water. It dries within a few minutes and it slightly enriches the colour of the stone. 

Faber ATS 60 Impregnator - Where to use

The new Faber ATS 60 Impregnator is a solvent based deep impregnating sealer that is compatible with all medium to highly absorbent surfaces. It can be safely used to seal terracotta, concrete, cement tiles and sandstone. The product is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. To be applied in 1-3 coats over a clean and unsealed surface. Because the new Faber ATS 60 Impregnator is not affected by UV light, this product is highly recommended for sealing patios & all types of outdoor footpaths and paving. Easy to apply, deep penetrating & super fast drying times. A proper heavy duty sealer highly recommended for professional use.

Faber ATS 60 Impregnator - How to use

Bear in mind that the new Faber ATS 60 Impregnator is an impregnator that has to penetrate the stone in full to be able to protect the surface. So you need to make sure that the stone is 100% sealant free, dry and residue free. To achieve a streak free finish use a flat mopping system, a roller or some kind of cloth to apply it. The surface of the stone has to look wet but not soaked. Remove all excess sealer and buff the surface well with a clean pad. If applied right, the stone should look more alive, the colours should be more prominent and there should be no streaks. Most surfaces will be fully sealed in one coat system but up to 3 coats of the new Faber ATS 60 Impregnator can be applied on stones with high porosity like terracotta.

The new Faber ATS 60 Impregnator is highly appreciated by the professional floor cleaning & floor sealing industry. It can successfully be used on vertical and horizontal surfaces. A low odour deep penetrating solvent based sealer from Faber. This product is solvent based so make sure that your hands are fully protected and also make sure that you work in areas with good ventilation. Take your time while applying the new Faber ATS 60 Impregnator. Make sure that the first coat of sealer is fully dry before commencing the application of the next coat. Do not walk on the surface while wet and safely dispose of all the pads & cloths used to impregnate the floor. Do not mix up the new Faber ATS 60 Impregnator with any solvent based impregnators from Faber or other brands. When sealing outdoor areas make sure that the surface was dry for the past 2-3 days. In some cases rising water can cause mineral marks under the sealer if the surface is not 100% dry before being sealed.

Faber ATS 60 Impregnator

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