Faber B1 700 Natural Look Stain Proof

Faber B1 700 Natural Look Stain Proof

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Product Description

Faber B1 700 Natural Looking Stain Proof

-heavy duty solvent based stain proof and stone impregnator

-suitable for sealing all types of natural stone floors & surfaces

-it will not alter the look of the natural stone in any negative way

-it will provide superior protection against water and general dirt

-to be applied with a roller, a brush or a special sealant applicator

-quick drying, long lasting and suitable for high traffic surfaces

Faber B1 700 Review

When taking care of natural stone installations and their agglomerates, water is one of the main concerns. The high porous nature of the material causes liquids to be quickly absorbed, which results in different problems. First, there is the immediate issue of staining, with unsightly spots ruining the appeal of the installation. Stains can be caused by anything from beverages like coffee and tea that were spilled onto the countertops and floors, to wine, milk, fruit juices, soft drinks, bloods spots from cuts and nicks, and even vomit incidences, like when the guys coming back from a wild night hurl out the contents of their guts onto the floor. The deeper that the liquids get into the structure, the more difficult they are to remove. Then there is the case of rising damp, attributed to the capillary absorption of groundwater. What's more, as the water gets to the surface and evaporates, the ground salts are left behind on the surface, further deteriorating the appearance. With the water that remains within the structure, the freeze-and-thaw cycles will accelerate the degradation of the installation. The longer that this is left unattended, the more extensive the damage, resulting in costly repairs and replacements being needed. Oil-based substances can also wind up on the flooring, be they cosmetic products that were being used, cooking oil spills in the kitchen, to the occasional motor oil and lubricants that gets knocked over in their cans on the garage floor, forming an exasperating patch. You don't want things playing out like this. As they say, "Prevention is better than cure". Applying a protective agent such as the Faber B1 700 will enable you to avoid stain problems and water damage. 

Benefits Of The Faber B1 700

  1. Protection from stains

Treating your surfaces with the Faber B1 700 provides them with hydro-repellent and oleo-repellent attributes. This basically means that the formulation wards off both water-based and oil-based spills, preventing them from forming permanent stains. This preserves the beauty of your installation, and also reduces the amount of time and resources that are needed for the cleaning. The workload that is involved with your routine chores is reduced, with the product also increasing the resistance to everyday dirt. What's more, the water repellence from the Faber B1 700 is particularly beneficial in preserving the structural integrity of natural stone, whose porous nature makes them readily absorb spills, putting them at risk of problems caused by rising damp, and issues like efflorescence. These cases are avoided, prolonging the life of your installation. Furthermore, the Faber B1 700 can be used together with a water repellent primer, enhancing its functionality. 

  1. Retain the original appearance of the surface

Do you want to get the stain-proofing protection without altering the colour and tone of your natural stone or terracotta installations? That's right up the alley of the Faber B1 700. It is also suitable for the agglomerates that are sensitive to variations in colour, which would be caused when impregnating agents are applied to them. The Faber B1 700 has a neutral effect, and also comes with resistance to UV radiation. That means it won't end up yellowing over time. This makes it a superb choice for both indoor and outdoor applications. In addition, the Faber B1 700 does not affect the breathability of the structure. You can use it across the board, from limestone, marble, sandstone, basaltina, cotto, all through to marble-cement, marble-resin and quartz-resin agglomerates. 

  1. Fast drying

The Faber B1 700 composition speeds up the stain-proofing treatment. Firstly, the application is simple and straightforward. Simply apply a thin coat of the product onto the target surface, and then give it 30 minutes to dry. For the tools, you can use a brush, cloth, lambswool applicator, or even work with a roller, depending on your particular situation. Usually, there are no residues left behind on the surface. However, in case you notice any slight residues, these can be easily got rid of by wiping with a clean and dry cloth. If you're dealing with surfaces that are particularly absorbent, an extra coat of the Faber B1 700 may need to be applied. For this, first allow the initial coat the 30-minute drying time before proceeding to add another coat. You can open up treated floors and let foot traffic back onto the area after 2 to 3 hours from application. In order to get the most out of the Faber B1 700 treatment:

Ensure that the area that you're working on has been given a good clean, as the dirt and grime are a threat to the effectiveness of the application, since they prevent the product from properly bonding with the structure.

  • The areas adjacent to the surface being worked on, which are not being treated, should be covered.

  • If a primer has recently been applied, allow it to dry before adding the Faber B1 700 onto the surface.

  • The surface should not be overly heated. The optimal temperature range is between 5°C and 35°C 

  • If it is about to rain, frost, or there is mist, allow the conditions to clear before applying the treatment. 

To ensure that the product is suitable for your particular type of installation, it is recommended that you carry out a pretest on a hidden area, or on an unused piece. In addition, wear personal protective gear when applying the product. After the process, you can use white spirit to wash the tools that have been used. 

  1. Easy on your wallet

You get to make savings on your building's maintenance budget when you use the Faber B1 700 to stain-proof the surfaces. For starters, it comes in affordable 1L bottles and 5L cans. It also has a 10 to 15 m² per litre rate of coverage, meaning that you get to work on a large surface area with each unit purchased. The protection that is provided, where you get to cut down on the resources used for the cleaning, results in further reduced costs. 

Faber B1 700 Review

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