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Faber Cement Remover

  • Post installation concentrated acid detergent designed to remove cement and inorganic dirt

  • Suitable for removing cement grout residue from wall tile, floor tiles & other fittings

  • Highly concentrated, highly active, it reacts fast and it provides results in most cases

  • The product will react with the residue and it will emulsify it within a few minutes

  • It can remove water based and solvent based varnishes as well, inorganic dirt, etc

  • It will not affect the top glazing of the tile even after a number of treatments

  • Many people use the new Faber Cement Remover to remove salt effervescentes

  • The product is suitable for heavy duty residential use, commercial use and industrial use

  • To be used only on cement resistant tiles that are sealant free and not polished yet

  • It emulsifies cement grout, cement adhesives, mortar and some types of paints

  • The safest way of removing residue and inorganic residue from tiled floors & walls

Faber Cement Remover | Why Use It

Many tilers and floor fitters are likely to leave traces of cement grout and cement residue on the newly installed tile. While the project is still on and the tile area is still dirty, this kind of residue is nearly invisible. But after the first builders clean it,  some of the tiles will show residue of cement on it. Using a steel scourer could be highly effective but in the process the glazing of the tile could be affected. The most efficient way of fully removing it is with the new Faber Cement Remover. This product is just amazing. It emulsifies cement residue with ease and it restores the original look of the tile. Suitable for residential and professional use.

Faber Cement Remover | Where To Use It

The new Faber Cement Remover is a professional cement residue remover suitable for heavy duty use. The product is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It is essential to find out if your particular type of tiles are acid sensitive. The new Faber Cement Remover is not compatible with acid sensitive surfaces. It can be used to treat walls, floors, showers, areas around toilets, sinks or any type of porcelain fittings. Basically you can use it to remove cement residue from most natural and artificial tiles. It makes the job easier and it does not affect the glazing of the tile.

Faber Cement Remover | How To Use It

The product is ready to use and it does not require dilution. Remove any residue you can and expose the area before proceeding to start the treatment. Apply the product to the affected area with a cloth, a brush, a roller or whatever way you find it more convenient. Do not be in the hurry to scrub it off. The new Faber Cement Remover will require up to 15 minutes direct contact with the surface before the stain is removed. In some cases, more than one treatment is required before noticeable results are achieved. 

Step 1: Apply the product generously to the affected area

Step 2: Allow 10-15 minutes of direct contact with the cement residue

Step 3: Scrub the affected area with a black hand pad or a green catering scourer 

Step 4: Rinse off the waste

Step 5: Assess the results.

Faber Cement Remover | Safety

If this product is capable of removing cement residue, imagine what can it do to your skin! Wear thick gloves, protect your eyes and make sure that the area is well ventilated. There is no specific training needed to use this product but safety guidelines should be followed at all times.

Faber Cement Remover

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