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Faber Clean Degreaser / Kitchen Cleaning Spray

Faber Clean Degreaser / Kitchen Cleaning Spray

  • Plant based kitchen cleaner and degreaser from Faber

  • Manufactured 100% from plant based natural extracts 

  • Suitable for cleaning domestic and commercial kitchens

  • Melts grease and fat on impact, leaves no streaks

  • Safe to use on plastic, wood, stainless steel, chrome, etc

  • A ready to use formula, low PH, deodorised, 500 ml bottle

  • Even the bottle is made from degradable plastic

  • The greenest kitchen cleaning products available in Ireland

Faber Clean Degreaser / Kitchen Cleaning Spray - Where to use

Faber Clean Degreaser / Kitchen Cleaning Spray is a premium kitchen cleaner and degreaser suitable for daily cleaning and maintenance of all kitchen surfaces. The product reacts fast with grease and oil but it does not negatively affect any other type of surface. Safe to use on wood, plastic, chrome, stainless steel, glass, copper, etc. Deep cleans and kills bad odours with ease. Suitable for commercial and domestic kitchen cleaning projects.

Faber Clean Degreaser l Kitchen Cleaning Spray - How to use

Even if this product is manufactured 100% from plant extracts, it cleans and degreases as effectively as all other premium degreasers that are not eco friendly. Just spray it on the surface and see the grease melting away. Badly affected areas might require a few cleans before the grease is fully removed and some areas might require a pre-spray for up to 30 minutes before cleaning. Faber Clean Degreaser / Kitchen Cleaning Spray is mostly used as a spray & wipe system but the product can be added to a mopping solution to degrease floors as well. A low environmental impact product that will impress even the most demanding cleaner.

Faber Clean Degreaser / Kitchen Cleaning Spray is a fantastic product from the Faber Greentech technology. The whole Greentech range is manufactured from plant extracts, is 100% eco friendly and biodegradable. All the products, including the bottles, are designed to have a minimal impact on the environment.

Faber Clean Degreaser l Kitchen Cleaning Spray

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