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Faber Clean Limescale Greentech - Powerful Eco Limescale Remover From Faber

Faber Clean Limescale l Bathroom Cleaning Spray

  • Highly perfumed bathroom cleaning spray from Faber

  • Removes limescale and body fats from all surfaces

  • Manufactured from biodegradable plant based ingredients

  • Can be used on all surfaces where limescale develops

  • Suitable for commercial and domestic cleaning projects

  • Even the bottle is manufactured from biodegradable plastic

  • Streak free finish, fast acting, 500 ml spray bottle

  • All Faber Greentech products are 100% biodegradable

Faber Clean Limescale l Bathroom Cleaning Spray - Where to use

A strong bathroom cleaner and general limescale remover from Faber. Suitable for daily cleaning and maintenance of bathrooms, washrooms, showers and generally all areas where limescale can develop. It can be used on polished and unpolished surfaces. It will not mark and it will not create streaks in the process of cleaning. It contains a pleasant floral fragrance. Faber Clean Limescale l Bathroom Cleaning Spray is made from plant based extracts and is one of the most eco friendly bathroom cleaning products available. One product for all your bathroom cleaning needs.

Faber Clean Limescale l Bathroom Cleaning Spray - How to use it

This product is sold in a 500 ml spray bottle and is designed to be used with a spray and wipe system. Just spray it all over the surface and wipe it with a semi-aggressive cloth. Badly affected areas might need a number of cleans before the limescale is fully removed or in some cases, a pre-soaking might be required. The product is ready to use so dilution is not required. 

Faber Clean Limescale Bathroom Cleaning Spray is an amazing product with Faber Greentech technology. The whole Greentech range is manufactured from plant extracts, is 100% eco friendly and biodegradable. All the products, including the bottles, are designed to have minimal impact on the environment.

Faber Clean Limescale / Bathroom Cleaning Spray

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