Faber Concrete Hardener 5L

Product Description

Faber Concrete Hardener 5L

-water based water repellent sealer for concrete surfaces

-it will aid the mechanical polishing of concrete surfaces

-it will provide superior protection against water & dirt 

-100% water based, eco friendly and very long lasting 

-it will make the concrete surface harder & more compact

Increase The Sanding And Polishing Efficiency With Faber Concrete Hardener

Concrete is one of the most used flooring options, for both residential and commercial establishments. They are low maintenance, and can take loads of abuse, from heavy foot traffic, machinery, and objects being dropped on them. You don't have to worry about peeling, or keeping on making replacements. However, they do need proper care to preserve their durability, appeal, and ease of cleaning. This is why measures like stain proofing, polishing, and applying finishes are carried out. During these tasks, problems like water that lengthens drying time, and friction that wears down equipment, are faced. For instance, the polishing is a heavy-duty process, with concrete grinding machines, diamond-impregnated discs, and loads of forces being involved in the task. The end goal is to have a smooth and striking surface, which is stylish and can retain its beauty for years. However, lots of time and sweat equity go into the task. Any advantage that you can have as you carry out the polishing is highly welcome. The Faber Concrete Hardener comes in to take care of the situation, while enhancing the operator's performance.

This water-based treatment has been specially developed to increase the efficiency of the mechanical sanding and polishing process. This is particularly because of the difficulty that is attributed to the porous nature of concrete, and its high water absorption rate which can draw out the process. The Faber Concrete Hardener is a water-repellent agent that penetrates into the structure, consolidating and hardening the material. This has the welcome benefit of increasing the mechanical resistance of the structure to abrasion effects and scratches, thereby prolonging the life of the installation. By limiting the water absorption by the concrete, additional problems of excessive moisture in the floor are avoided, such as the cases of rising damp and saline efflorescence. Those damp marks that concrete is notorious for, flaking, and even issues of rust that ruin the surface are avoided, as the Faber Concrete Hardener provides long-lasting protection. It is so durable that it can resist de-waxing products, thereby preserving your floor's structural integrity. 

Polish your floors faster

This is the core mandate of the Faber Concrete Hardener. Polishing untreated concrete can be an arduous process, caused by factors ranging from the friction that is between the polishing tool and the surface being worked on, to the long drying time that is required due to the large amounts of water that are absorbed in the process. With the Faber Concrete Hardener, the friction is reduced, enabling the operator to work on large surface areas within a short time, and the duration required for the drying before applying additional polishes and treatments is also cut down, enabling you to get through the task much faster and restore normalcy to the establishment.

The tools used also get to last for longer, as a result of the reduced wear and tear. You also get to save on the amount of water that is required for the process. Additional attributes like increasing the resistance to dirt, plus the enhanced performance of the stain-proofing treatments that will be applied, go a long way in making subsequent cleaning and maintenance processes a breeze. Speaking of which, when used with a stain-proofing formulation, the Faber Concrete Hardener acts as a primer, optimising the effectiveness of the application. It achieves all this without altering the original appearance of the surface, or factors like the breathability of the concrete. The stain-proofing can be achieved with quality formulations such as Faber B1 700, or the Hidro 150. The routine cleaning of the treated surface can be carried out using the Faber Neugel, AlgaFloor or Faber 30 formulations, depending on the level of soiling involved. When it comes to polishing, you can use products also from the same brand, such as Star Shine or CristalFab.

Eco-friendly treatment

The water-based Faber Concrete Hardener has been developed using eco-friendly formulations, and does not have any volatile organic compounds (VOCs). As such, the product does not pose a risk to the establishment or the persons on the premises, during the course of its application, or after the floors have been treated. In fact, the Faber Concrete Hardener is certified safe for use in areas like kitchen worktops where there will be contact with food. You can use this product on indoor and outdoor concrete surfaces.

Applying The Faber Concrete Hardener

The produced is used within the mechanical polishing process. Here, the floor is first sanded with 200/400 grain sizes, then the Faber Concrete Hardener spread over the surface using a lambswool applicator, brush, airless applicator, roller, or other tools that you will find convenient to use. The product is applied abundantly, ensuring that the whole area being worked on has been covered. For the really absorbent surfaces, an additional coat can be applied 1-2 hours after the first one. 

Note that the surface being treated should be as dry as possible. In this regard, there are 3 different approaches that can be taken:

  • Carry out the initial sanding dry. In this case, you will not need to wait. After using the 200 to 400 grain sizes, apply the Faber Concrete Hardener immediately. 

  • If the sanding has been done with water, give the floor at least 24 to 48 hours to first dry before applying the product. 

  • You can choose to apply the Faber Concrete Hardener before you start the mechanical polishing, as this will limit how much water is absorbed by the surface. After the sanding using the initial mechanical polishing grains, let the floor dry, then reapply the Concrete Hardener. 

After the application, give the treated surface at least 4 hours to dry- or better still, wait for the following day- and then continue with the polishing. Any residue from the application will be removed during these latter stages. Simply carry onto the next grain size, and this time you'll be required to work with water. One of the benefits of the Faber Concrete Hardener is also witnessed here, where you won't need to proceed with grain sizes up to 1500/3000. The floor can be treated with the preferred finishing polishes after you have used the 800 grain size, drastically cutting down the amount of time and resources that would have been taken for the task.

Increase The Sanding And Polishing Efficiency With Faber Concrete Hardener

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