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-solvent based, quick drying black impregnator

-suitable to use on natural stones, paving, concrete

-it will cover around 30 sq meters of floor per 1 L

-suitable for interior and exterior applications

-to be applied with a roller, brush or towel cloth

-non glazing, deep black, very cost effective product

-apply only over dry and sealant free surfaces

Faber Deep Enhancer Black Review

When installing hard surfaces in your installation, one of the main factors to consider is the material itself- such as when dealing with natural stones like marble, granite, and quartz. They come in different textures and colours, creating a unique look and feel. One colour that boldly stands out is black. It exudes power, with a tinge of mystery about it. It goes further to accentuate the other colours in the interior design, with the contrasting nature enhancing the décor. As a welcome bonus, it masks spills and stains- but that doesn’t mean you leave them unattended. Products like the Faber Deep Enhancer Black enable you to fully bring out the stylish nature of this hue.

Benefits Of The Faber Deep Enhancer Black

  1. Gives your colour depth

The Faber Deep Enhancer Black amps up the character of your surfaces. The high quality black pigmentation of this solvent-based impregnator enhances the colour of the installation, which boosts the flair of the interior space. It even goes further to cover those defects that are typical of black materials, which usually reduce the evenness. You get to set up that full-black colour you desire, and have a uniform result that accentuates the aesthetic appeal of the establishment. It does this without developing the dreaded greasy patina, and you also won’t have to worry about it yellowing over time. This keeps your surfaces looking elegant for longer.

  1. Protects the installation

This formulation adds to the protective attributes of the underlying structure. For starters, it increases the ability of the material to resist water and oil staining. This makes subsequent cleaning operations easier. It also protects against UV radiation, preserving the beauty and structural integrity of the installation, prolonging its life.

  1. Applicable on low absorption materials

These are usually difficult to treat because of the products being used not bonding with the structure. However, the Faber Deep Enhancer Black has been specially formulated for the task. You can use it on indoor and exterior black hard surfaces, be they marble, porcelain stoneware, quartz agglomerates, to travertine and granite- both polished and brushed. It will get the task done without posing a risk to the structure, and will even allow for vapour transpiration. This preserves the functionality and stability of the flooring material.

  1. A brand that delivers

Faber has a long track record of providing surface care solutions for both residential and commercial clients. Their products are used across the scope in the industry, from the tilers and installers who employ them during the initial stages, to the cleaning companies that are called in for routine care, and the repair crew who use them to attend to damages formed during the life of the installation. The company is behind a wide range of products, ranging from protective treatments- the likes of water repellents, colour enhances such as the Faber Deep Enhancer Black being reviewed here, stain-proofing treatments, those with anti-slip attributes in wet and dry conditions- that way you get to prevent slip and fall accidents on the premises; cleaning products be they solutions applied after setting, specialised water-based and oil-based stain removers, tough acting agents that get rid of heavy build ups of grime and also dewaxing the surfaces, all through to vanity top, glass and even sanitary cleaners; those that are used for polishing, and daily care, be it on the floors, walls, stairways, countertops, both indoors and outside. There are finishing and waxing treatments for the walls and horizontal surfaces, those that come in for the honing and polishing, in both cases whether the surface has been ground, and those where it was opted not to undertake any grinding. Faber also produces epoxy systems and mastics that come in handy when dealing with the chips and cracks that have been formed, reversing the damage and restoring the elegance to your installation. As you can see, this is a brand that caters to entire aspects of surface care and, what’s more, they have been in business for over 30 years, meaning that there is lots of experience to boot. Their success is attributed to the commitment to quality, which has enabled customers all over the world to trust their products. The standards are maintained in the Faber Deep Enhancer Black, that way you can rest assured that you are getting value for your purchase.

  1. Fast application

Here, you simply spread the Faber Deep Enhancer Black onto the desired surface, allow 10 to 15 minutes for solvent evaporation, then remove the excess product. The product doesn’t need to be diluted, and the application can be done with a wide range of tools, from the conventional cloths and brushes, to rollers and lambswool applicators. You can even use a sponge or sprayer, depending on the type of area that you’re working on, and the equipment that you find to be the most convenient for you. When removing the residue from the surface, it is recommended that you work with a scrubbing brush, or units like single disc machines. This should be done until the surface becomes dry. Thereafter, give it at least 4 to 6 hours before letting people walk on the area. How many coats should you apply? Well, this depends on how absorbent the surface is. Usually, one coat is enough, but for the materials that have a high absorption capacity, you can proceed to add an extra coat, which should be done after the first one has already dried- give it about 30 minutes. Use spirit to wash the tools used for the application.

  1. Economical

Costs also factor into your building’s maintenance program. You want your surfaces to be elegant without your expenses spiralling out of control. The Faber Deep Enhancer Black enables you to achieve this as a result of its affordable pricing, and it’s available in 1L bottles (a carton contains 12 bottles), and 5L containers (with 4 containers per carton). What’s more, it has a wide coverage rate, with each litre of the product being able to treat 20 - 30m² of surface.

Tips For Working With The Faber Deep Enhancer Black

  • Ensure that the surface has been given a thorough wash and that it is dry before you apply the product.

  • Carry out a pre-test to ascertain the suitability of the formulation to your particular installation.

Faber Deep Enhancer Black

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