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Faber DREP | Deep Penetrating Water Repellent

  • Deep penetrating water repellent sealer from Faber

  • Compatible with all natural stone floors, walls, stairs

  • Faber DREP will not alter the original look of the floor

  • Solvent based, non glazing, non yellowing, low cost

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, great coverage

  • It allows the stone to breath and ventilate naturally

  • Highly recommended for “fancy” building facades

  • Drastically reduces water absorption and staining

Faber DREP / Deep Penetrating Water Repellent - Where to use

Some sealers will glaze the surface, others will enhance the colour while others will create a wet look on the surface. The new Faber DREP / Deep Penetrating Water Repellent is 100% invisible. Its main job is to penetrate the stone in full and to waterproof the surface. Many natural stone floors and walls can be badly stained by the rain water and all types of residue that manages to penetrate the surface. The Faber DREP / Deep Penetrating Water Repellent will prevent liquids from penetrating the stone so it will prevent the stone from getting water damage and all the potential damages that can occur from high humidity. This sealer is a highly specialised sealer that is not recommended for people that are actually looking for some kind of visible results on stone. This product has no sheen, no colour, no glazing. It can be used indoors and outdoors. It can be used on stairs, walls, pillars, statues, water fountains, floors, patios, etc. 

Faber DREP / Deep Penetrating Water Repellent - How to use it

Make sure that the surface is sealant free, dry and clean. Because the product has no visible sheen, it will be hard to know what areas were or were not sealed when it dries. While wet the product is likely to darken up the stone so you will know what areas were sealed or missed. If you are planning to seal vertical surfaces or stairs you can use a cloth or a roller, if you are sealing floors you can use a flat mop or a normal mop. Because the sealant is invisible you are unlikely to create overlaps so whatever way of applying it works better for you, go for it. You can do up to two coats. 

This product is solvent based and even if it is very low odour, there is a bit of an odour. Work in well ventilated areas and wear a pair of gloves. Do not use near a naked flame. If done right, you should be able to see the surface looking dry even when it rains. Repeat the treatment once every 5-7 years (depending on the surface exposure). The Faber DREP / Deep Penetrating Water Repellent is a professional quality sealer that uses innovative technology to protect your stone surfaces. The estimated coverage area is around 30 sq meters per 1L but the actual coverage area can vary from surface to surface depending on the stone absorption. All Faber products are manufactured from the finest quality materials.

Faber DREP / Deep Penetrating Water Repellent

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