Faber Epoxy Residue Remover 1L

Product Description

Faber Epoxy Residue Remover

-heavy duty epoxy glue, varnish & adhesive remover from Faber

-suitable to use on sealed and unsealed natural stone surfaces

-apply undiluted, wait 5 min, light scrub & remove all the waste

-very efficient, very cost effective and very fast acting remover

-the easiest way of removing glues & adhesives from marble

-highly recommended for industrial and commercial glue removing

Cleaning Power Of The Faber Epoxy Residue Remover

It's a sticky situation. Epoxy, a high-strength bonding adhesive, is used on multiple installations and repair projects, from restaurant kitchens and workshops to the bathroom walls and living room floors at home. Sealing tiles, patching up cracked floors- it’s a versatile product. The resultant bond, formed through chemical reaction, is much more durable compared to cement based grout. This makes it particularly suitable for the tough projects. However, the same attributes that give it its strength, will put you in a tough spot when the epoxy is used on the wrong place, or when there are simply excesses that get spread onto the surrounding surface. The unwanted drips and spillage are not just unsightly, but it is also a herculean task to remove- when working with the wrong product that is. To address such situations, Faber has developed the 1L Epoxy Residue Remover, which cuts down on the amount of time and resources that go into the cleaning. The brand is renowned for its surface care treatments, serving an international market with products catering to the different sections, from installation and cleaning agents, all through to routine care and maintenance.

Alkaline-based formulation

Not all products are equal. You can’t just go using the ordinary paint strippers to remove the epoxy residue that is on natural stone surfaces. These are particularly more sensitive to pH variations. Your goal is to get rid of the stubborn glue resin, not corrode the countertops, walls or floors. You want a product that can get the task done without putting the structural integrity of the installation at risk. That’s right up the alley of the Faber Epoxy Residue Remover. It has been developed to be used on acid-sensitive installations, being tough on the residue but gentle on the underlying structure. You can use it on different kinds of surfaces, ranging from lapped, polished, natural and textured porcelain stoneware, marble and agglomerates such as marble-quartz, marble-resin, and marble-cement, cotto and terracotta installations, slate, concrete, cementina and sandstone, all through to porphyry and quartzite. Whether it’s indoors or outdoors, the Faber Epoxy Residue Remover will be up to the task.

Superior cleaning action

This formulation packs a punch. It will get rid of the resin, those hazy films left behind after sealing and grouting, all through to issues like graffiti on your walls. It is also particularly beneficial when getting rid of the epoxy residue that has already cured and hardened, a situation that calls for a tough cleaning agent. It's a fast acting product, and can also be used when you want to remove other synthetic residues such as paint, or even enamels. The Faber Epoxy Residue Remover extends its effectiveness to surfaces that are particularly troublesome to clean, such as those with a micro-textured surface finish.

Working With The Faber Epoxy Residue Remover

Before you start washing the target area with the product, you should first sweep/vacuum away the dust that's on it. The soiling, loose debris and other particles that are on the surface would come in the way. Besides, they are not the main focus, and they can be easily got rid of. Next is dividing up the area into manageable sections. A key consideration here is the rate of absorption of the material. For instance, cotto, terracotta, and similar surfaces are highly absorbent. The formulation would penetrate deeply into the material if you worked on large areas at a time, resulting in wastage. As such, focusing on around 4 or 5m² of surface will ensure that you get the most out of the application. Note that you may need to apply more of the Faber Epoxy Residue Remover occasionally to ensure that there is always a uniform layer of product on the surface throughout the treatment. For the surfaces that have lower rates of absorption, such as when you’re dealing with stoneware and ceramic tiles, you can increase the sizes being attended to.

For the application itself, spread the Faber Epoxy Residue Remover out onto the area being cleaned. Use a large brush or single disc machine to distribute it, ensuring that you set an even layer. Once this is achieved, give the product some time to break down the residue. Usually, this takes 10 to 15 minutes when dealing with soft residue. For the more stubborn ones, like those cases where the epoxy resin had been allowed to stay on the surface for long, 20 to 30 minutes may be needed. For this latter case, you can also pass over the area with the brush or single disc machine, where the mechanical action will help in dissolving the residue. With regards to the discs that are used, these depend on the type of the material and the residue involved. When working on the surfaces that are not as dirty and also more compact- like the glazed ceramics, then you can use a white pad. On the other hand, for cotto, terracotta and unpolished surfaces, use a green or light blue pad.

After the dwelling time has passed, pour clean water onto the surface. An emulsion will be formed. Use the single disc machine or brush here as well, distributing the emulsion and removing the excess. A liquid vacuum cleaner will make the process more efficient. For the smaller areas you can also use absorbent cloths or paper towels. Once you’ve removed the residues, follow through with a thorough rinsing using pure water. The floor will be ready to use once it dries. How long this takes depends on how absorbent the material being treated is.

DOs And DON'Ts Of The Faber Epoxy Residue Remover

  • DO perform a pre-test before application. This can be on an inconspicuous area, or a piece of the same material that has not been used.  This is especially for those cases where you’re unsure of the compatibility of the unit with the particular surface.

  • DO allow the grouted installations to fully cure before treating the target areas with the product.

  • DON'T mix the product with other chemicals, as it may result in unwanted reactions.

Faber Epoxy Residue Remover

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