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Faber Grout Cleaner 

  • Alkaline-based cleaner for in depth cleaning of grout and grout lines

  • The product is compatible with all kinds of acid sensitive surfaces

  • It is great for removing grout, cement and builders residue from tiles

  • A professional quality product for very dirty grout lines and floors

  • It will remove grease, body fats, grime, food residue, etc with ease

  • Suitable for heavy duty residential and commercial use

  • This product can be used on highly acid sensitive tiles and surfaces

  • To be diluted 1 to 10 up to 1 to 20 before use, pre-spray recommended

  • It can be used with a standard mopping system or just spray & scrub

  • Highly recommended for indoor and outdoor grout and tile cleaning

Faber Grout Cleaner | Why Use It

While some tiles can be cleaned with any type of heavy duty tile & grout cleaner, others can`t. Some very fancy and highly polished tiles can be permanently damaged in contact with acidic or highly active grout cleaners. The new Faber Grout Cleaner was created for those “sensitive” tiles. The product will react with all types of grout residue and will help exfoliate it without negatively affecting the tile itself. The product is very tough on dirt but gentle on the tile. It will enable the user to easily remove grout, mortar, paint, plaster and other types of residue from the grout and the tiles. The product is also great for removing body fats and organic residue.

Faber Grout Cleaner | Where To Use It

Due to its innovative safe formula, the new Faber Grout Cleaner can be used to clean all types of grout joints and the tile itself. It can be used on acidic safe and acidic sensitive tiles without any risks. The new Faber Grout Cleaner  is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. This product is highly popular with professional floor cleaning and floor restoration companies. Highly effective, highly concentrated and highly cost effective. The product is suitable for professional use, residential use and in some cases, for industrial use as well. The safest possible way of removing all kinds of building residue from acid sensitive floor tiles & wall tiles. 

Faber Grout Cleaner | How To Use It

The product is highly concentrated and it will require a dilution rate of at least 1 to 10. The dilution ratio is informative only and it is up to the end user to decide how strong it needs to be. Lower the dilution rate, the more active the product is. It can be used with a standard mopping system and then agitated with a grout brush or a floor buffer with brush, or it can be used with a spray and wipe system when cleaning walls. Remember, the residue on the grout lines could be very thick so the product will require a bit of time to be able to exfoliate it. Pre-spray highly recommended. Use a hand brush to scrub the vertical surfaces then rinse the surface with clean water. Repeat the operation if the results are not 100% satisfactory.

Faber Grout Cleaner | Safety

Just because this product is classified as “safe to use on acid sensitive tiles”, it does not mean that the product is not very active. Quite the contrary. Be sure to protect your hands, eyes and feet if you are planning to deep clean the grout lines in your home or business. If inhaled or ingested accidentally please seek immediate medical attention. Do not mix up the product with any other acidic cleaners to avoid creating fumes. Check out Faber range of tile floor cleaners and tile floor maintainers. 

 Faber Grout Cleaner 

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