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Faber Hidro Fab Natural Stone Polish

Faber Hidro Fab Natural Stone Polish

-water based wax polish suitable for sealing natural stones, wood & tiles

-superb coverage area, very fast drying, cheap and outstanding durability

-it will facilitate easy maintenance & it will protect against daily traffic

-Faber Hidro Fab will also enhance the natural look of all types of stone floors

-it can be applied with a flat mop, a polish applicator or a special brush

-gives the floor excellent water-proof protection & oil repellent characteristics

You want the beauty and lustre of your floor to last. From granite to concrete installations, their state reflects on the rest of the ambience. It can be frustrating when the shine of the newly laid flooring deteriorates. Once it was the envy of your guests, but after some time you can barely stand to look at it when you walk into your home. Even in commercial establishments, you don’t want that luxurious look of your limestone flooring to be replaced by a dull and dilapidated look, that turns away customers from your business premises. While, quite literally, solid as a rock, these installations aren’t immune to the wear and tear of everyday life. They require regular care and maintenance to keep them at their optimal. Scratches, scuff marks, the occasional food and drink spills, abrasion from foot traffic, items that nick the surface, your pet with its sharp claws- they are a threat to the installation. It’s not just the aesthetics that are on the line. When this continues unabated, the structural integrity of the floor reduces, cutting down on its lifespan, and meaning that you will find yourself being forced to pay for costly repairs and replacements to be done. Protecting your floor with treatments such as the Faber HidroFab is vital.

A product from Faber, you can rely on it to deliver on its mandate. This is a company with a long and proven track record, from when it began back in 1986, to its current position where it is an industrial leader relied on by professionals, plus home and business owners alike for the care, treatment and maintenance of the surface in their buildings. The business extended its reach from its origins in Italy, to major export markets in Europe, the UAE and other Gulf nations, to China, Singapore, Taiwan, Russia and Japan in Asia. With highly effective systems, definitive solutions that meet specific consumer needs, from the installation stage of surface care, to the routine cleaning and maintenance, to formulations for repairing damage structures- they have built a loyal market base. Their systems have met high quality standards, being certified by Certiquality Certification Body- including the ISO 9001:2008. Whether you’re looking to accentuate the floors in your home, or give your restaurant, hospital or office building a professional look, waxing with the Faber HidroFab will enable you to meet your goal. This particular formulation is suited for treating indoor surfaces. You can use it on stone, slate, cotto granite, terracotta, quartzite, or concrete floors. It's also safe for wood (both parquet and natural wood installations), limestone, and agglomerates such as marble cement.

Benefits Of The Faber Hidro Fab

  1. Enhance the appeal of the surfaces

With the Faber Hidro Fab, you get to accentuate your interior space. It sets a polished finish to the surface, while bringing out the tone of the material. It’s actually a self-polishing treatment, meaning the end result gets to be retained for longer. The whirl marks, patterns and style of the installation flourish with this treatment, greatly boosting your decor. What’s more, it does not yellow over time. As such, you get to ensure the treated surface for longer.

  1. Withstands heavy foot traffic

The Faber HidroFab forms a strong and durable layer that protects the underlying structure from heavy footfall. This reduces the wear effects, and keeps the floor looking elegant for longer. As a welcome bonus, you get to avoid the hefty repair and replacement costs that come when the floor deteriorates due to not being treated well.

  1. Makes routine maintenance breeze

By sealing the surface, the Faber HidroFab prevents dirt from adhering to the floor. Moreover, it enhances the resistance against water-based and oil-based stains. As such, when it comes to cleaning your floors, you end up spending less amount of time and resources than would have otherwise been the case. Routine cleaning can be carried out using Faber Neugel, and you can restore the shine to the finish using the same Faber HidroFab, diluted to 1:5 with water. When the time to strip the wax comes, you can use a product like the Dec 21, also from the same brand.

  1. Easy to apply

Using the self-polishing Faber HidroFab is not rocket science. Conventional tools can be used too, like rollers or even a lambswool applicator. First, give the surface a thorough wash to remove any dirt and grime, and then allow it to dry. Once it’s ready, simply apply the Faber HidroFab on the floor, distributing it evenly. Be sure to be on the lookout for build-ups before you complete each section, as at this point you can redistribute the product to ensure that you have an even coat. Once it has begun to dry and cure, the build-ups will be resolved later on through mechanical polishing. After the entire area has been covered with the product, it will dry fast, in about 1-2 hours.

Additional modifications should only be carried out after you’re sure the product has become completely dry- an extra hour should suffice. For instance, when you’re dealing with the surfaces that are textured and have a high absorbency, where an extra coat of application is required, apply it after 2-3 hours. Should you want to increase the surface shine beyond the effect delivered by the Faber HidroFab, you can use a mechanical polisher with a white or lambswool pad. Give the floor a minimum of 3 to 4 hours of curing time, wash the surface, and then polish it to your desired shine. Here are some extra tips to enhance the quality of the results as you use this wax-resin formulation:

    • Apply the coat of Faber HidroFab in one direction. In case you want to add a second coat, use a perpendicular direction to the first.

    • Only allow normal foot traffic back onto the floor after 4 to 6 hours have elapsed.

  1. Cost-effective

By nature of being a self-polishing product, the Faber HidroFab cuts down on the amount of resources needed to bring the shine to your surface. What’s more, it is affordable, and has a wide coverage rate, with each litre of product being able to treat 15 to 20m2 of surface.

Faber Hidro Fab Floor Polish

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