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Faber K 400 New | Granite Polishing Cream

Faber K400 Granite Polishing Cream

  • Premium quality marble granite polishing and granite restoration cream from Faber

  • The product was designed to maintain & restore natural siliceous stones and granite

  • Granite and siliceous stone, due to their nature, are very difficult to buff and maintain

  • The new Faber K400 Granite Polishing Cream is a market leader and very easy to use

  • It will cover between 50 and 70 sq meter of floor per 1L but it can vary drastically

  • The product will restore sheen and it will enhance the protection, a non glazing cream

  • The new Faber K400 Granite Polishing Cream can be used over Star Shine Easy cream

  • It creates a shine with a characteristic vitreous effect that is both durable and resistant

  • Suitable for outdoor and indoor use, fume free, not overlapping, spectacular results

  • Makes surface cleaning much easier and it boosts the floors anti slip qualities, wax free

Faber K400 Granite Polishing Cream - Why use

Restoring lost sheen on granite and siliceous natural stone floors is a pretty challenging job. Due to their nature, those types of floors are hard to buff and even harder to high speed buff. But with the new Faber K400 Granite Polishing Cream, this job is way easier.The product works fast, it does not overlap and it creates a beautiful natural vitreous gloss on all colors of granite floors. It can be used even on granite floors that were previously treated with another granite polishing cream like Faber Star Shine Easy. This product makes granite polishing easy, efficient and cost effective.

Faber K400 Granite Polishing Cream - Where to use

Unlike other universal polishing creams, the new Faber K400 Granite Polishing Cream can only be used on granite and slate floors. The product is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The surface has to already have a reasonable level of sheen before being treated with the new Faber K400 Granite Polishing Cream. The main job of the product is to maintain and restore granite floors that for a number of reasons have lost their sheen and some of its protection. The new Faber K400 Granite Polishing Cream can be used by professionals and domestic users as well assuming that the right tools and equipment is available. 

Faber K400 Granite Polishing Cream | How to use

We recommend that you work in small areas of up to 1.5 sq meters. Any other areas that do not require treating, have to be protected. Prepare the surface well and make sure that the floor surface is clean, dry and residue free. A powerful buffer of at least 1.5 HP has to be used. Apply about 2-3 teaspoons of cream on the floor and start buffing it in with a white pad. A buffer with no more than 200 RPMs has to be used. Buff the product in until the floor has absorbed it in full and the gloss has been restored. Do not use water to dilute the cream. This product is ready to use. 

Buffing the surface with a white floor pad and a high speed floor buffer will help achieve an even glossier finish. Do not use diamond polishing pads. 

Faber K400 Granite Polishing Cream | Recommendation

Using the new Faber K400 Granite Polishing Cream is not hard at all. Any floor cleaning & floor polishing contractor that has used polishing creams before, will have no problem using it. The product will provide some level of results on all granite and slate floors but some will end up looking way better than others. A second treatment can be done without any problems. Respect step by step the application process and your granite floor will end up looking spectacular. Regular maintenance with the new Faber K400 Granite Polishing Cream will keep your floor in great shape for long periods of time.

Faber K400 Granite Polishing Cream

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