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Faber Manu` / Wax Restorer

  • Water based wax restorer and surface restoration sealer/wax

  • Suitable for restoring dull patches on previously waxed floors

  • The product will re-glaze the floor and will restore the protection

  • Compatible with pretty much all wax sealers and wax polishes

  • To be applied in a two coats system over a clean floor surface

  • It has a beautiful sheen and is suitable for high traffic areas

  • Suitable for commercial and domestic floor recoating projects

  • Easy to apply, high traffic, fume free, quick drying, low cost

Faber Manu` / Wax Restorer - Where to use

If your floor was sealed with a wax based floor polish or floor sealer, then you can use the new Faber Manu` / Wax Restorer to repair dull patches and damaged areas that over time have lost the sheen and look damaged. One or two coats of Faber Manu` / Wax Restorer and the protection will be restored in full. The products can be applied over all types of water based floor sealers, water based polishes & polymer based protectors. Suitable for indoor use only. 1L should cover 30 to 60 sq meters of floor, depending on surface porosity and the overall condition. Faber Manu` / Wax Restorer is a non yellowing, fume free and high traffic restorer compatible with residential and high traffic commercial floors.

Faber Manu` / Wax Restorer - How to use

Deep clean the floor to remove impregnated dirt, grease, food residue & all types of dirt deposits. Wait for the floor to fully dry and prepare for applying the sealer. You should use a flat mopping system and soft microfiber mop head to achieve professional results. Pour some sealer on the floor and use the microfiber mop head to spread it evenly all over the floor surface. The new Faber Manu` / Wax Restorer will fill up all the scratches and dull patches on your floors and will create a perfect smooth surface. A second coat might be required if the floor was badly affected by traffic. Apply the first coat from North to South direction and the second one from East to West direction. The product responds well to high speed burnishing. 

This is a very easy to use wax restorer from Faber. Old and worn floors can be repolished to a like new condition in a matter of hours. No need to remove the old wax polish and no need to use professional equipment. It can be used by domestic floor owners without any problems. There are no serious hazards associated with this product but a bit of common sense is required. While using the Faber Manu` / Wax Restorer be sure to wear a pair of gloves to avoid waxing your skin, do not apply the sealer over dirty or wet floors and do not walk on it while drying. Use the Faber Manu` / Wax Restorer indoors only. Also, do not mix the product with any other sealers or waxes from Faber or other brands to avoid different levels on sheen on your floors.

Faber Manu` / Wax Restorer

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