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Faber Neugel 1L

  • Brand: Faber
  • Product Code: NEUGEL
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-professional universal natural stone cleaner and daily maintainer

-highly concentrated, unique formula and safe to use on all stones

-Faber Neugel is very tough on dirt and very gentle on the floor itself

-due to its natural formula, Faber Neugel enhances the look of the floor

-to be used with a standard mopping solution or a flat mopping system

-highly recommended for daily cleaning of polished marble & travertine

A Look At The Faber Neugel

Just like every other surface in your establishment, natural stone needs regular care and maintenance, to preserve its beauty and structural integrity. The gunk that winds up on it- from the cooking oil residue and everyday food spills, hair sprays and other cosmetic products, dirt tracked in from the outdoors and building up on the floor, common toiletries winding up on bathroom surfaces like toothpaste, mouthwash and perfume, soap scum and hard water deposits, soft drinks, orange juice, tomato products and the occasional mustard smudges- these all need to be got rid of. Soiling left behind by the normal dusting and vacuuming is a threat to the installation, with the abrasive action wearing down the material. You also don’t want to be surrounded by dilapidated surfaces that ruin the decor of the premises. The state of cleanliness of the premises is directly tied to its level of comfort, and you want conducive living and working conditions. Turn to the pH neutral Faber Neugel to take care of your needs.

Why does pH matter? Well, natural stone is particularly sensitive to it. Conventional all-purpose cleaners will etch and damage the stone, and treatments like sealers that have been applied may be degraded. Removing this protection exposes the underlying stone surface to more stains. Cleaning products that are too acidic or alkaline react with the material, causing issues like corrosion. Scouring powders and other abrasive products, on the other hand, scratch the surface. You want to work with a product that has been specifically desired for use on the natural stone surfaces, with its formulation taking into account their unique mineral composition. A product that will remove the grime and minimise the wear effects brought about by everyday usage, and get rid of the stubborn dirt spots without breaking down the protective sealer. That's a job for the Faber Neugel.

Effective and Safe Cleaning

The Faber Neugel is used for the routine cleaning of numerous surfaces, ranging from agglomerates such as sandstone, quartzite, travertine, tuff and porphyry, marble-cement and marble-resin surfaces, slate, basaltina - lava rock, and cementine, molten basalt, concrete, and granite, all through to cotto, limestone, reconstituted (eco) stone, and terracotta. It gets the task done in moments, and no surface film is left behind. A concentrated formulation, you get to have optimal usage of each unit you purchase. It has a wide 900 to 1100 m2/L coverage rate, making it an economical option for residential and commercial establishments alike.

With the Faber Neugel, you also get to enhance the interior decor. For starters, the product itself is fragranced, leaving behind a pleasant scent after the cleaning. Its blend of natural ingredients also nourishes the surface itself, enhancing the tone and colouration. As such, you get to restore the aesthetic appeal to a dull and soiled surface with each clean. Done regularly, the product also enhances attributes such as the material’s dirt resistance. This has the welcome bonus of prolonging the life of your installation, and enabling you to cut down on the building’s maintenance costs.

Quality Assurance

Faber has been in the surface care industry since the 80s, growing and thriving over the decades by providing products that effectively address consumer needs. From its beginnings in Italy, the company now caters to a market spanning across the EU, the Middle East, to China, Japan, and Singapore in Asia. Investing heavily in R&D, plus working alongside the manufacturers of the natural stone materials, the company has provided a wide range of solutions that are applied to these surfaces, to provide protection from everyday dirt and stains, issues like rising damp, protecting surfaces from the installation stage and the highly sensitive stages after, as well as through the life of the structure. It has even achieved certifications like ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004. Anti-slip protection, water repellents, colour enhancers, stain-proofing formulations and stain removers, finishing and waxing product for walls and other horizontal surfaces, plus the floors themselves, polishing products catering to cases where grinding has been carried out and for those situations where it hasn't, routine cleaners like the Faber Neugel, wax removers, plus mastics and epoxy systems- there is a wide range of products designed to meet the various aspects of surface care. With such a track record in product delivery, plus satisfied customers ranging from homeowners and cleaning companies, to builders and installers of the natural stone themselves, you can rest assured that will get value for your purchase.

How To Use The Faber Neugel

  • The dust, loose debris and other course dirt on the surface should first be swept away with a broom or simply vacuumed off. This is to enable the Faber Neugel to directly target the stuck-on residue and stubborn dirt.

  • Next, prepare the solution to be used. This is a concentrated formulation, and only minimal quantities are required for each cleaning session. The dilution ratio used depends on the absorption level of the surface. For those with medium absorption, like granite and marble, add 20-30 grams of product in 5 litres of water. For cotto, terracotta and other surfaces that have a high or medium-high rate of absorption, use 30-40g of Faber Neugel in 5L of water.

  • Once this is done, you can proceed to wash the surface with your preferred approach. Equipment that is commonly used includes single disc machines, cloths, mops and hard floor cleaners. How you go about this depends on the type and size of the area you’re working on, and which method you find more convenient. Distribute the prepared solution over the target area in a fine layer. Scrubbing action for those stubborn sections is recommended. Proceed to remove the cleaner and residue emulsion from the surface using your preferred tool, be it a brush, cloth, or the scrubbing machine itself.

When this approach is used, and you adhere to recommended dilution abrasion, you won’t need to rinse the surface. It will be ready to use as soon as it dries. This goes to further cut down the amount of time and energy expended on the task, reducing the disruption to your residential or commercial establishment. After the process, use water to wash the equipment used.

Faber Neugel 1L

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