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Faber Neugel 5L - Daily Cleaner Concentrate

  • Brand: Faber
  • Product Code: 010100083
  • Availability: In Stock

-neutral concentrated PH neutral marble cleaner & maintainer

-very effective on dirt and very soft the the natural stone surface

-suitable to use on polished and unpolished natural stone floors

-to be diluted to the recommended dilution of 1 to 50 before use

-suitable for heavy duty commercial use and domestic cleaning

-also suitable for terracotta, terrazzo, travertine, limestone, marble

-it contains a very pleasant a refreshing perfume (clean fragrance)

-one of the most effective natural stone cleaner available in Ireland

Faber Neugel 5L - Daily Cleaner Concentrate Review

Natural stone adds a touch of class to any building. Whether it’s on the kitchen counters in your home, or the lobby of your hotel, fireplace mantels or bathrooms, even outdoors like with the case of walkways and pools- the stones exude beauty and elegance. There are different kinds, ranging from marble, travertine, to slate and onyx. Broadly speaking, the natural stone surfaces can be grouped into two: calcareous stone where the primary chemical compound is calcium carbonate, and includes the likes of marble and serpentine; and siliceous stone such as slate and granite. Despite their charm, these installations are still prone to dirt. Particles settling onto them from the air above, food and drink spills, smudges, to the dirt tracked onto the floors- they take away the appeal, and need to be got rid of. It's not just about the decor. Dirt accelerates wear on the surfaces, which puts their structural integrity at risk, cutting down on their lifespan. You spent a lot to get your particular installation set up, and you don’t want to watch it go down the drain. As such, proper maintenance is required, and the Faber Neugel 5L - Daily Cleaner Concentrate comes in handy for dealing with natural stone surfaces.

Benefits Of the Faber Neugel 5L - Daily Cleaner Concentrate

1. pH neutral

When working on natural stone surfaces, pH is a critical factor. Variations can wreak havoc on the material. Conventional products used in the household, from liquid and foam cleaners that are bleach-based or ammonia-based, the window cleaners, toilet-bowl cleaners- these will damage the surface. Lemon-juice, vinegar- they are all a threat to the material, and can end up corroding it and ruining your installation. Others like stone soap tend to leave behind deposits that are difficult to remove. Even those products that have been specifically formulated to remove soap scum and mineral despots in the shower are not automatically suitable for use on natural stone. With the Faber Neugel 5L - Daily Cleaner Concentrate, you won’t have to worry about any of that. It has been developed for this particular task, that way you can be sure your natural stone installations are safe as you go about the cleaning. It's tough on the dirt, but gentle on the underlying material.

2. Cleans and nourishes

You want a product that actually fulfils its mandate, and you can get that with the Faber Neugel 5L - Daily Cleaner Concentrate. It removes the dirt that is on the surfaces, and further nourishes it to enhance the tone. Used for routine cleaning, it gradually increases the dirt resistance of the surface, adding to the protective elements of the treatments that had already been applied. What's more, the concentrate leaves behind a pleasant fragrance, that accentuates the ambience of the interior space.

3. Versatile

The Faber Neugel 5L - Daily Cleaner Concentrate is used across the board, on natural stone and other absorbent surfaces. Whether it's slate or sandstone surfaces, concrete or limestone, the cleaner has got you covered. Terracotta, Basaltina - Lava rock, cementina, granite, molten basalt, cotto, quartzite, reconstituted (eco) stone and marble, to their popular agglomerates such as the marble-cement agglomerate and marble-resin agglomerate- and even porphyry, tuff plus travertine materials- they can all be cleaned using the Neugel 5L. It does not leave behind any film on the surfaces, so you won’t need to worry about rapid resoiling.

4. A brand you can trust

From its humble beginnings in Fabriano, Italy back in 1986, Faber Chimica Srl now serves an international market, spanning across Europe and the Middle East, to China, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore and other parts of Asia. It specialises in the care and maintenance of building surfaces, be they natural like granite, or manmade such as cotto and stoneware. The brand has grown popular amongst home and business owners, builders and architects, and even provides products used in industrial settings. Protective treatments, stain removers, finishing and waxing products, honing and polishing formulations, mastics and epoxy systems- they have them all. Each of the products is developed to meet a particular need, and plenty of investment goes in the company's R&D to continuously meet the ever-changing market needs. With strict adherence to quality, and systems that have achieved certifications such as ISO: 9001:2008, you can rest assured that you'll be getting a value return for your money's worth.

5. Easy application

Using the Faber Neugel 5L - Daily Cleaner Concentrate isn't rocket science. It's simple and straightforward, and can be employed for home cleaning or commercial use in business premises. Start by vacuuming away the dust and debris. Dilute it in clean water, distribute some of this solution onto the surface you want to work on, then scrub away the grime. The recommended dilution ratios are 2-3 capfuls of the concentrate in every bucket of water, (or 20-30g per 5L of water) for the surfaces that have a medium absorption. These are the likes of marble and granite. For cotto, terracotta, or other where the absorption is medium-high or outrightly high, then 4-5 capfuls can be used in the bucket of clean water (or 30-40 g of product mixed with 5L). Note that when you stick to these ratios, you won’t need to rinse the surface after you’re done with the cleaning. In fact, the floor will be ready to handle traffic immediately the surface dries, reducing disruption to your activities. For the equipment, you can use conventional tools like cloths, mops, and hard floor cleaners, or even the larger single disc machines for those who are working on expansive floor areas.

6. Economical

The Faber Neugel 5L - Daily Cleaner Concentrate is all about budget savings. Firstly, there's the affordable price at which it retails at. The packaging also comes with 4 of the 5L cans per box. Secondly, it's a concentrated formulation, hence only minimal quantities are actually required for each cleaning session. This enables the purchases made to take you for the long haul. It has a 900-1100 m²/L coverage rate. The routine maintenance of the surfaces additionally protects them from wear and tear, preserving their structural integrity, giving you more savings in the long run.

Faber Neugel 5L

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