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Faber Oil & Grease Remover

  • A powerful oil stain remover and oil stain extractor compatible with all surfaces

  • It can be safely used on ceramics, natural stones, cotto, terracotta, concrete, etc

  • Its very creamy composition increases its extraction effectiveness of all fats & oils

  • Effective against cooking oil, greasy food residue, fuel, lubricants, mineral oils, etc

  • The product is also highly effective against all kind of tarry residues on most tiles

  • Just apply the product to the affected surface area and let it work its magic

  • While the product is very aggressive on the oil stain it does not affect the surface

  • It can be used indoor and outdoors and it can also be applied to a vertical surface

  • The product is suitable for heavy duty residential use, commercial & industrial use

  • It can be used to extract oil stains from patios and all kinds of concrete footpaths

  • Keep the product in a cool, safe place away from direct sunlight, children and pets

Faber Oil & Grease Remover | Why Use It

Have you ever attempted to extract an engine oil stain from a highly absorbent patio or a concrete surface? Not easy. While some products do provide some levels of results, most fail to provide noticeable results. But the new Faber Oil & Grease Remover will satisfy even the most demanding user. What makes this product unique is its hassle free application. Basically all you have to do is to apply it to the affected area and allow it to extract the stain. Its thick creamy composition makes it perfect for vertical surfaces as well. A low cost but highly effective oil stain remover from Faber.

Faber Oil & Grease Remover | Where To Use It

Use the new Faber Oil & Grease Remover on patios, concrete surfaces, natural stone surfaces, terrazzo, cotto, terracotta, ceramic, granite, limestone, etc.The product is suitable for indoor and outdoor surfaces. The product is highly effective on most greasy and oily stains but totally safe on the surface itself. The product has a very thick composition that will enable the user to apply it even to a vertical surface. Use it to remove oil stains from showers, kitchen floors, warehouse floors, carparks, driveways, worktops, etc. One of the most effective oil stain removers ever invented.

Faber Oil & Grease Remover | How To Use It

Remove as much of the stain as possible by scrubbing it with a soft scourer and some residential degreaser. Allow 30 minutes for the surface to dry then proceed to the application. Apply the product to the affected area generously. Use just enough to cover the whole stained area. From this point on there is little for you to do. This super active grease emulsifier will react with the stain and through a chemical reaction it will extract it from the top and from inside of the surface. There is no need to scrub, agitate or use blades. Just wait for the product to work. Some old and very deeply impregnated stains might require a number of treatments before the stain is extracted in full. This product is one of the very few grease and oil extractors that actually work.

***Surfaces that are sealed with a water based or solvent based protector have to be stripped before the Faber Oil & Grease Remover is applied to the area. Do not apply the product to hot surfaces and never mix up the product with other similar products***

Faber Oil & Grease Remover | Safety

Protect your hands, eyes and skin. Use gloves when handling the product. Its composition might look harmless but it can burn your skin. 

Faber Oil & Grease Remover

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