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-water based anti slip treatment for marble & natural stones

-it will increase grip on polished and sealed natural stones

-it will penetrate the stone and it will create a safe surfaces

-it also create a perfect water repellent surface (without glazing)

-it will not alter the look or the colour of the surface treated

-suitable for domestic projects and commercial/industrial floors

-to be applied with a cloth, flat mop or some type of applicator

Prevent Slip Accidents With The Faber Safe Marble

Walk with confidence

The water-based Faber Safe Marble chemically acts with the lime-based surfaces, creating micro erosions that enhance the grip on the floor. This means you can walk around barefoot or in footwear without worrying about slipping and falling. So effective is the formulation that it reduces slipping even in wet conditions. It has been specifically developed for marble, limestone, travertine, marble-resin and marble-cement agglomerates, which are traditionally notorious for being slippery and difficult to treat. The water-repellent properties of the surface are also increased. This is because floors treated with the Faber Safe Marble feature an increased rate of water run-off.  

When it comes to the practicability of building maintenance, the Safe Marble has also got you covered. Each litre of product can cover 20/30m² of surface. It also comes in affordable packaging, and you can opt for the 1L bottles with 12 bottles per box, 5L cans with 4 cans per box, or go for the 10L cans, depending on the needs of your residential or commercial establishment. This enables you to make your floors safer without straining your budget. What’s more, by avoiding the slip-and-fall accidents, you get to protect the persons on the premises, cut down on medical costs that would have been incurred, and also avoid the liability claims that are common especially for workplace injuries. You also get to reduce the man-hours that would have been lost due to time-off for injured employees.

How To Use The Faber Safe Marble

Follow these steps:

  1. Clean the floor. This should be thorough. Any dirt or dust present should be removed. When you’re done, wait for the surface to dry, since the Faber Safe Marble should never be applied on wet or damp floors.

  2. Cover any adjacent surface that is not to be treated with the product. In case you're applying the product to a new installation, or one that has been recently grouted, first allow the adhesive or grout that had been used to completely cure.

  3. Abundantly apply the product onto the surface. Note that it comes ready-to-use, and thus shouldn't be diluted. You can use various tools for the application, such as a brush, roller, or lambswool applicator, and ensure that you spread it in an even area that covers the entire surface to be worked on.

  4. Allow 10-minute intervals of dwelling time, depending on the type of floor you’re dealing with. The recommended duration for  popular surfaces include:

  • 10-20 minutes for soft marbles, limestone and the soft lime-based surfaces.

  • 15-30 minutes for the hard and compact lime-based installations.

During this time, ensure that the floor remains evenly wetted with the Faber Safe Marble. Redistribute the product as required, and if need be add more of it onto the surface.

  1. Remove the excess product. Tools like liquid vacuum cleaners come in handy here.

  2. Rinse the surface with lots of clean water.  The treatment and surface will be ready to use after the water used for the rinsing dries off. You can also open it up to foot traffic.

There are numerous types of surfaces that need the non-slip treatment, and factors such as surface hardness, composition and resistance vary. It is thus recommended that you carry out a spot test to identify the contact time that will be needed, which will deliver you the desired results without altering the aesthetics of the floor. This can be done on a hidden spot, or a piece of material that was left over during the installation process.

The quality obtained after the test can be properly assessed when you've carried out the complete process, including the rinsing. That way you will have an accurate idea of what will be expected with the rest of the application.

When it comes to maintenance of surfaces treated with Faber Safe Marble, you can use ALGAFLOOR or NEUGEL for the routine cleaning; Faber 30 for deeper cleaning and also when removing wax; while the stain-proofing can be carried out with PROTW LUX LO, which are all formulations from the same brand.

Extra Tips For Using The Faber Safe Marble

  • When carrying out the spot-test, remember to assess how it performs in wet conditions. You can also press down firmly onto the surface with your fingertips, in order to get a feel of the performance when a person is walking in it- comparing this to the rest of the untreated area. That way you will get a good perspective on how much grip has been generated.

  • In case any pre-existing treatments had been applied, such as resin and wax, it should be first be removed before treating it with the Safe Marble. In order to maximise on the value of the product, it should come into direct contact with the floor that you're intending to make non-slip.

  • Don't treat the floor with the product when it's under direct exposure to sunlight. The recommended surface temperature should be between 5 and 40°C

  • As you wait for the application to dry, it is important to ensure that the entire surface to be treated has been covered evenly. Areas that are not covered will cause the final appearance to change, or result in a non-slip surface that is uneven.

  • It's recommended that you wait for the cool parts of the day to apply the Faber Safe Marble.

  • If you’re not satisfied with the results after the ideal 30-minutes contact time, you can proceed to wait in intervals of 10 minutes before removing the excess and rinsing.

  • When it comes to removing the excess product from the surface and rinsing it, take into account the actual contact time. As such, start removing the product from the point where the application had started, working your way to where it ended- taking the same length of time as the application itself. This is to ensure that the product gets to act on the whole surface over the same duration.

  • It is recommended that you work in sections, especially when you have massive floor area to take care of, in order to make the entire treatment process easier. Divide the floor up into sections that will be easier to manage.

Faber Safe Marble

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