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Faber San-X Floor Sanitizer

  • Sanitizing concentrated cleaner for all types of sealed and unsealed floors

  • It will kill a wide range of harmful bacteria and it will also neutralize all odours

  • It can be used with a standard mopping system or with a spray & wipe system

  • It contains quaternary ammonium salts that enables it to neutralize bacteria

  • Suitable for cleaning and sanitising all water washable surfaces indoor & outdoor

  • The product cleans quickly and leaves the surface spotless & residue free

  • Suitable for all kinds of residential, commercial and industrial surface disinfection

  • The new Faber San-X Floor Sanitizer contains a pleasant and durable fragrance

  • Highly recommended for people that own pets, veterinary clinics, healthcare, etc

Faber San-X Floor Sanitizer | Why Use It

Most floor cleaning products will clean your floors nicely but only a handful of them will also disinfect the surface as well as neutralizing bad odours. But the new Faber San-X Floor Sanitizer is a different type of floor cleaning product. This highly concentrated floor cleaner will clean your floors, will neutralize a wide range of viruses and bacteria while deodorizing the surface. Even better, the new Faber San-X Floor Sanitizer is 100% compatible with all water washable surfaces. It can be used on sealed and unsealed floors. Highly recommended as the main cleaner for pet owners and areas with high risk of contamination. Due to its highly concentrated formula, the new Faber San-X Floor Sanitizer is highly cost effective and pretty affordable. Its fragrance is pet safe and it will not bother animals. People that have used this product once are very likely to use it again and recommend it to their friends or family. 

Faber San-X Floor Sanitizer | Where To Use It

Universal floor cleaner, floor disinfectant and floor odour neutralizer from Faber. This outstanding product is suitable for daily cleaning and daily floor disinfecting. Not suitable for heavy duty floor cleaning projects. Floors in poor conditions should be deep cleaned with one of Faber's alkaline or acidic floor cleaners and from then on maintained with the new Faber San-X Floor Sanitizer. The product can be used to maintain and disinfect indoor and outdoor surfaces. Patio areas, kitchen floors, wood floors, laminate floors, bathrooms, storage rooms, etc. Use it wherever there is a washable surface that needs disinfection and odour neutralizing. Suitable for residential, commercial and industrial use.

Faber San-X Floor Sanitizer | How To Use It

It can be used on its own as the main cleaner or it can be added to a cleaning solution to transform that cleaning solution to a cleaner and disinfectant. The new Faber San-X Floor Sanitizer is highly concentrated so it requires dilution before use. The dilution rate can vary from job to job and the job complexity. Very dirty floors might require a lower dilution rate while floors that are being washed daily will require a higher dilution. The product can be used with a standard mopping solution, a flat spray mop system, a spray & wipe system or it can be added to the chemical of a scrubber drier or carpet cleaning machine to make the mixture a disinfectant as well. 1L bottle will cover between 900 to 1100 sq meters of floor (depending on the dilution rate). 

Maintain, deodorize and disinfect all your washable surfaces with the new Faber San-X Floor Sanitizer. Use premium quality floor cleaners, floor restorers, floor sealers, floor strippers, floor maintainers, etc from Faber range. If you require additional information about the new Faber San-X Floor Sanitizer, please call us or email us. We are happy to assist you. 

Faber San-X Floor Sanitizer

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