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Faber Soap | Natural Stone Maintainer

Faber Soap | Natural Stone Maintainer

-highly concentrated natural stone cleaner & maintainer

-it will clean and waterproof natural stone floors & walls

-to be diluted 1 to 100 before use ( warm water dilution)

-deep cleans, protects & increases the sheen on polished floors

-suitable for commercial and domestic floor cleaning 

-it can be used with a flat mopping system or a cotton mop

-less work needed to achieve amazing results on stone floors

Cleaning Polished Floors With The Faber Soap

The goal of polishing floors is to bring a high gloss and sheen to the surface. This can be done through various ways. For instance, polishing powders can be used, where fine grains of abrasive powder are rubbed or buffed onto the surface. Here, low speed weighted floor machines are used, and oxalate may be incorporated into the powder to get rid of the fine and medium scratches. However, it tends to be a messy process, and additional clean-up will be required. There are those who have the polishing done using diamond abrasives, where industrial-grade diamonds are used. These are for discs that are attached to the drive plate of the floor machine. This process is mechanical, with progressively finer grits of diamonds being used until the desired shine is obtained. Though it’s a high-cost method, it’s all natural, and the final polish can further be augmented by using a polishing compound. There are building owners who opt for a honed finish, especially for the areas that tend to get wet a lot, while still handling lots of traffic. The honing results in a matte look, which also hides the scuffs that develop over time. Whichever the case, the floor will need to be maintained. For the cleaning action that is to follow, turn to the Faber Soap.

While natural stone floors have strong and durable structures, they can be easily damaged if not properly cared for. Allowing dirt and grime to accumulate on it, ignoring stains or leaving them unattended for long- these will accelerate the deterioration of the floor. The soiling and grit are abrasive and cause the surface to wear down. When it comes to the cleaning itself, using the wrong chemicals on the floor will result in reactions that will ruin your installation. For instance, vinegar, lemon juice and other cleaners that come with acids will affect the stone. Abrasive cleaners, bleach and ammonia-based products, plus products used on other areas such as the grout cleaners- they can wreak havoc on your elegant flooring.  Protection is also needed against moisture damage. This is because of the absorbent nature of natural stone, which sees it readily soak up the liquids that spill onto it. Water stains are a common problem, resulting in unsightly patches on the floor. You want to have an elegant home or business premises- after all, that’s why you spent loads of funds having the natural stone installed. Be it marble, granite or travertine, it cost a pretty penny, and you don’t want to watch your investment go down the drain. The aesthetic appeal, and its structural integrity, are all on the line. Units like Faber Soap allow you to protect your flooring, and keep it in optimal condition. 

Cleans and protects

After you have completed the polishing or honing process, simply grab the Faber Soap and use it to clean the surface. It will get rid of any dirt and residue that is adhering to the floor, and simultaneously enhance the sheen of the surface. In fact, it has been specifically developed for such situations, when dealing with the surfaces that have been taken through the mechanical or chemical honing and polishing. However, it is not limited to these applications. The cleaning action of the Faber Soap comes in handy during the daily maintenance of the surface, thus enabling you to meet your routine building care and maintenance program while still preserving the sheen of the surface. Doing this regularly actually retains the beauty of the surface, even when you’re dealing with the sensitive natural stone installations such as marble and travertine. With a neutral pH, the Faber Soap can be used on a diverse range of installations, including limestone, granite, marble and its agglomerates like marble-resin and marble-cement floors, all through to concrete.

The Faber Soap also brings water-repellent attributes on board. Here, it increases the ability of the surface to ward off water from everyday spills, preventing them from getting absorbed into the structure and staining your flooring. This is beneficial in making everyday cleaning tasks easier. It even comes with a pleasant scent that enhances the ambience of the interior space. With regards to your budget, you certainly don’t want it to get strained as you meet your establishment’s maintenance needs. Don’t fret. The Faber Soap allows you to make savings due to its wide coverage rate, where each litre of product can be used on 900 - 1100 m2 of surface. It also comes with an affordable price tag, and you can purchase it in 1L or 5L bottle options. The 1L bottles come 12 per box, while the 5L ones are packaged in 4 units per box. 

How To Use The Faber Soap

This unit comes concentrated, hence you will first need to dilute it before application. 2 to 3 caps of the Faber Soap in 5 litres of water will suffice. Once the solution is ready, two modes of application can be followed:

  • Manual

  1. The Faber Soap solution is prepared in a bucket, and the mop dipped in it. 

  2. Wring the mop and then proceed to clean the surface. This should be done uniformly over each section. 

  3. Allow the surface to dry completely. In case there will be any dusty residue, it can be quickly removed using a clean and dry cloth, preferably microfibre. 

  • Working with a single-disc machine

Here, the diluted solution of the Faber Soap is prepared directly in the water tank of the single disc machine. 

  1. Clean each area of the targeted surface uniformly, focusing on each bit for 10 to 15 seconds during the washing. 

    • Note that you should not let the surface dry during this washing stage. (However, in case the product dries before the next step, the area can be brushed with a clean white pad).

  1. Use a wet vacuum to remove the residues that are on the floor. 

After treating your floor with the Faber Soap, the tools used can be cleaned with water. 

Cleaning Polished Floors With The Faber Soap

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