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-quality solid wax suitable for refreshing & maintaining floor

-suitable to use on natural stone and terrazzo floors & tiles

-solvent based wax,. quick drying and suitable for high traffic

-to be used on walls, floors & all surfaces made from stones

-it will create a beautiful glossy finish & it will waterproof

-highly recommended for sealing terracotta floors & tiles

Faber Solid Wax Review

Natural stone surfaces, just like any other, come under attack on a daily basis. Take countertops for instance. During the food preparation activities, spills and smudges are bound to occur. Coffee, mustard, cooking oil, grease and citrus juice- they all have varying effects. The acidic ones can cause etching, which ruins the surface. Soap scum on the shower walls and tub surrounds, dirt and grit particles that are abrasive and can scratch the surface- these are all threats to your installation. Then there are those issues that come during renovation, such as improperly sealing the surface, causing a hazy appearance to form. Cleaning also factors in. Using the incorrect cleaning products can result in a surface film being left behind. The layers of soap that remain on the surface contributes to the dulling appearance. Those times when intense scrubbing is carried out to remove the stubborn stains also takes away the lustre. Why does this happen? The natural stones contain crystals. These crystals are what reflects light, producing the shine. Crushing or breaking the crystals- whether it’s from the abrasion during cleaning or even simply everyday wear, prevents them from evenly reflecting the light. It's just like with a flashlight, where if the lens breaks, it does not reflect the light that's emitted from the bulb. Polishing products come in to restore that shine. These agents bond with the surface, and the buffing that is undertaken brings back the lost lustre. For quality results, turn to the Faber Solid Wax.

Polishing the natural stone surfaces gives them that "wow" factor that gets heads turning the moment a person walks into the room. That reflective shine becomes the core to the appeal of the home's or office's decor, earning you praise from the guests coming over. It's not just about the beauty. The surface obtains an additional protective seal. In this case, liquids like wine and tea spills end up simply beading on the surface instead of penetrating into the material, allowing you to get rid of spills faster. Without such a treatment, the liquids are quickly absorbed by the material resulting in stubborn stains, and etching. Soap scum on the tub surrounds and shower walls, water spots and those annoying fingerprint marks on the countertops- getting your surfaces polished enables you to reduce these effects. You want a product that you can use to make this a reality. One that is safe on natural stone, while still providing quality results. That's right up the alley of the Faber Solid Wax.

Benefits Of The Faber Solid Wax

  1. Enhance the aesthetic appeal of the surfaces

The solvent-based Faber Solid Wax is used to give worktops and walls an elegant shine, that boosts the tone of the surface, consequently enhancing the decor of the establishment. What’s more, it does not yellow over time, thus keeping the surfaces elegant for longer. Coming with a quality paraffin formulation, it dries fast after application, enabling normalcy to resume on your premises.

The product has been developed particularly for use on areas that don't handle foot traffic. This makes it applicable on sections ranging from the countertops and backsplashes in the kitchen and office break room, to the walls of bathrooms and hallways. The materials that can be treated with the Faber Solid Wax include marble-cement agglomerate, cementine, slate, marble, basaltina - lava stone, quartzite, cotto, granite, limestone, terracotta, clinker and travertine.

  1. Easy maintenance

Routine cleaning of the surfaces that have been treated with the Faber Solid Wax is a breeze. It improves the water and stain repellence properties of the material, reducing the rate of dirt build-up and allowing you to quickly clean the surfaces.

  1. Fast polishing

The easy-to-use of the Faber Solid Wax cuts down on the amount of time and energy you spend on the task. The process can be broken down into two:

  • Application: Here, you can use a spatula, brush or cloth. Simply scoop the product from the container, and spread it out onto the surface evenly, then give it 5-10 minutes to dwell and form a dry layer.

  • Polishing: Depending on the size of the area that you’re working on, you can use anything from a cloth, to equipment like orbital or flexible polishers, or even an arm polishing machine. Work the product on the surface, polishing it until you get the desired shine.

Note that the product should only be applied to a surface that is completely clean and dry. You don’t want to trap dirt particles under the wax, as they will ruin the outcome. The surface can also be warmed up in order to boost the penetration of the product into the structure. In addition, for the surfaces that have been recently laid, the adhesive used should be allowed to cure completely before applying the Faber Solid Wax onto the surface.

  1. Renowned brand

Faber has been providing surface care solutions for over 30 years. They have a wide range of products, serving consumers both at professional level, such as the stone factories and installing contractors, cleaning companies plus repair and maintenance crews, all through to solutions for the DIY enthusiast, looking to take on surface care projects personally in their homes. Protective formulations designed to ward off wear effects and enhance stain resistance, cleaners that tackle organic and inorganic soiling, stain removers that dissolve those stubborn sports but are gentle on the material, mastics and epoxy systems that come in when repairing cracks, chips and other surface damage, to the finishes and waxes, which are aimed at bringing out the beauty of the material. With each of the products, you can rest assured that you’re getting a quality return for your purchase. The same applies with the Faber Solid Wax.

  1. Affordable

The budget-friendly pricing of the Faber Solid Wax enables you to incorporate it into your building's maintenance program without straining your finances. With each litre of product covering 20-25 m2 of surface, each unit purchased goes a long way. You can get it in a 1L bottle, with a box containing 12 bottles, or opt for the larger 5L can, which comes packaged in a box containing 4 cans, depending on your establishment’s needs.

Faber Solid Wax

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