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Faber Star Shine Easy 5 kg

Faber Star Shine Easy l Polishing Cream

  • Highly efficient polishing cream for porcelain, quartz & stoneware

  • Water based polishing cream for creating high quality gloss finish

  • Its specially formulated formula allows re-polishing siliceous surfaces

  • It will create a perfect gloss without the need for mechanical polishing

  • Suitable to use on floors, worktops, quartz tables, statues, fireplaces

  • It will provide a highly durable finish even on floors with high traffic

  • To be applied with a white pad until the surface looks glossy

  • It does not contain wax, it does not overlap and it is very easy to use

  • The product gets rid of patchy finishes especially on porcelain floors

  • Highly recommended for professional floor polishing contractors

Faber Star Shine Easy l Polishing Cream - How to use

Faber Star Shine Easy l Polishing Cream is a water based polishing cream suitable for polishing porcelain floors, quartz surfaces & granite. The product will create a perfect gloss on patchy surfaces where the gloss has been lost over time. Faber Star Shine Easy l Polishing Cream is a quick drying polishing cream that can be used by professionals or DIY enthusiasts. All you need is a low speed buffer and a white pad. It can be used on floors, walls and worktops. The product will create a long lasting gloss even on floors with high traffic. This product is certified food safe so it can be safely used on worktops.

Faber Star Shine Easy l Polishing Cream - How to use

Deep clean the surface to remove all types of grease and dirt residue. Take 1 teaspoon of cream and apply it directly on the floor. Using a clean white floor pad and a low speed floor buffer, buff the floor until the surface has absorbed the cream. When dried, the polishing cream will transform in a fine powder. Now you need to buff it well with another clean white floor pad until the gloss appears. Work on 2-3 sq meters at the time. Do not use too much polishing cream at once. If the polishing cream dries on the floor surface, it could be very challenging to remove it. Only use small amounts of polishing cream and buff until it is fully absorbed. Faber Star Shine Easy l Polishing Cream is not suitable for polishing marble or travertine. 

Right at the end, you can use a high speed floor buffer with a clean white pad to achieve “glass” like finish. This product, used correctly, will achieve spectacular results. Used wrong, it can build up a residue on your tiles and it can create a patchy finish.

Faber Star Shine Easy l Polishing Cream

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