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Faber Stone Colour Enhancer

  • Colour enhancing, stain proof impregnator, wet look finish for all absorbent surfaces

  • Suitable for all kinds of indoor and outdoor treatments and waterproofing projects

  • The product will penetrate fully and it will not glaze the surface, unaffected by UV 

  • It provides unequalled protection against water, oil stains, food stains, traffic stains

  • The product is solvent based and has to be applied over clean, dry surfaces

  • It can be applied with a brush, a roller, a cloth or some kind of special applicator

  • To be applied over unsealed surfaces that were not sealed with a protector glazer

  • Not compatible with compact stones or natural stones with little or no absorbance

  • Its recommended coverage area is 20-30 square meters per 1L but it can vary

  • It will not yellow and it will not create overlapping, It creates a cool wet look finish

Faber Stone Color Enhancer | Why Use It

Cheaper stone sealers and patio sealers are likely to create artificial glazing over the surface of the stone. These sealers are also likely to scratch easily and will become very yellow in contact with UV rays. This does not apply to the new Faber Stone Color Enhancer. This amazing solvent based impregnator is very easy to apply, it enhances the natural look of the stone and it allows the stone to breathe naturally. The product does not glaze and it cannot be scratched. Highly recommended for pet owners that have patios made of paving, cobble blocks, indian slates or concrete tiles. Unlike cheaper impregnators, the new Faber Stone Colour Enhancer will not require recoating for about 5 years (weather depending)

Faber Stone Colour Enhancer | Where To Use It

The new Faber Stone Colour Enhancer is compatible with all low to medium absorbent surfaces. It can be used to seal, waterproof, stain proof and protect all kinds of garden patios, cobble blocks, natural stone patios, concrete surfaces, limestone, terracotta floors & walls, etc. Highly recommended as the main sealer for surfaces fitted in areas with constant water flow or high humidity. The new Faber Stone Colour Enhancer is food certified so it can be used to seal worktops as well. It can be used on vertical and horizontal surfaces. It is essential to apply it over clean and dry surfaces. It fully dries within a few hours. Recoating is possible with 2-6 hours depending on the type of surface, ventilation and humidity levels.

Faber Stone Colour Enhancer | How To Use It

Expect to cover anywhere between 20 to 30 square meters per 1L. The final coverage area will depend on the type of surface sealed and the absorbency of the surface. Always prepare a bit more product to make sure that you have enough for the whole area. The surface has to be cleaned well prior to polishing. Any kind of large residue has to be swept up and when dealing with outdoor projects, you will need to make sure that the surface is 100% dry (top and inside the surface. Making sure that it has not rained for at least 2 days before application is essential).

The edges of the surface can be sealed with a brush while the larger areas can be sealed with a varnishing roller or some kind of applicator. The surface has to look wet but not over soaked. Allow about 20 minutes to penetrate the surface and then proceed to remove any excess sealer that has not penetrated the surface. Most surfaces will be fully dry within 2-3 hours.

When dry, the surface will look wet and clean. All dull tiles will look much more prominent. 

Faber Stone Colour Enhancer | Safety

Do not dilute the product before use. Wear protective gloves. Work in well ventilated areas. Do not walk on the surface before it has fully dried. All tools and equipment used in the process have to be cleaned and disposed off responsibly.

Faber Stone Colour Enhancer

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