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Faber Terracotta Impregnator

  • Deep penetrating, water repellent, 100% invisible terracotta impregnator

  • Dual protection against top humidity and also against rising humidity / water

  • It can be used to seal all types of terracotta floors and tiles, cotto, concrete

  • It does not alter the original look of the tile and it allows the floor to breathe

  • The product is solvent based, low odour and very easy to clean after treatment

  • Suitable for commercial, residential and all kinds of industrial terracotta sealing projects

  • It can be used on vertical and horizontal surfaces, indoor and outdoor

  • To be applied over a clean and dry terracotta surface that has no old sealers

  • It will cover about 20 square meters per 1L but it can vary due to absorption

  • No training required | No expensive tools required | Very quick drying | Matt

Faber Terracotta Impregnator | Why Use It

The point of this sealer is to fully impregnate the terracotta surface and to provide dual protection against humidity. Usually high humidity can cause salt / minerals staining on the top of the terracotta tiles. The new Faber Terracotta Impregnator will penetrate the tile in full and it will create a barrier between the below rising water and the top of the tile. The rising humidity will be stopped at the bottom of the tile unable to reach the top. Also, humidity from above will be stopped from penetrating the tile. This product was designed for those people that are looking for a great sealer that does not glaze, it is invisible, it is not a colour enhancer and it does not affect the original look of the tile. In other words, after 2 coats of impregnator, your terracotta tile will look 100% natural. For those looking for a top coat or a colour enhancer, we can recommend Faber AS 930 or Faber Deep Enhancer.

Faber Terracotta Impregnator | Where To Use It

Wherever you have terracotta tiles, you can use the new Faber Terracotta Impregnator to seal it. It is compatible with all kitchen floors, all bathroom floors and walls, all terracotta patios or cotto, roof tiles, some concrete tiles, etc. The product is unaffected by UV rays and when applied right, will provide years of protection. Especially when dealing with terracotta surfaces fitted in areas with constant flow of water. 2 coats of the amazing Faber Terracotta Impregnator and the top liquids and the dirt will not be able to penetrate any longer while the rising water will be stopped before getting a chance to cause damage. You do not need specific training to apply this product. Overlapping is impossible because the product is invisible.

Faber Terracotta Impregnator | How To Use It

The main keyword here is “impregnator”. So the product can`t overcoat a pre-existing sealer. It has to penetrate the tile to be able to provide its full protection. So the surface that you intend to seal has to be clean, dry and sealant free. If the terracotta surface was sealed with another deep impregnator, then the new Faber Terracotta Impregnator could work. Other than that, the area needs to be prepared right and any other type of protector / sealer removed fully before the new Faber Terracotta Impregnator can be used on it. Apply one thick coat of Faber Terracotta Impregnator with a cloth, a brush, a roller or whatever way you prefer. The first coat is essential. You need to allow the surface to absorb whatever it needs and remove the excess. Because the impregnator is invisible, you will need to make sure that no areas are missed. The second coat can be applied within 2-3 hours but it can depend on the ventilation, humidity and the temperature. After the second coat, you are done. You will notice that the liquids cannot penetrate the surface at all and on the vertical surface the water just leaks down without creating “wet” marks on the surface.

Faber Terracotta Impregnator | Safety

This is a solvent based sealer that can create fumes. Work in well ventilated areas and wear gloves to avoid damaging your skin. Do not smoke or use naked flames around the product. Do not be in a hurry to test its waterproofing qualities. Respect the drying periods. Re-seal the bottle and whatever product is left after the project is completed, it can be used for touching up or to seal other tiles.

Faber Terracotta Impregnator

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